Why I Love Ipsy!

For the past two years, I have been getting a package from Ipsy with 5 sample products (sometimes full size). With posting what I received over stories on Instagram the odd time over the years, I have received a few questions about how it works and if it’s worth trying out for oneself! I thought I would write a post to answer some of the questions I have received!

What Is Ipsy?

Ipsy is a company that was founded in 2011 that is a monthly subscription where every month you receive a cute little “Glam Bag” with 5 products inside mainly tester size but sometimes full size aswell. The company strives in helping each individual feel confident in letting your beauty shine and gives you a chance to work with new products you may never have thought or heard of before.

How Does It Work?

When you first sign up you are asked to answer a few questions to get to know what you are comfortable with and what products would work best for you. The questions are simply what colour are your eyes, the colour of your skin, is your skin dry or oily, do you like neutrals or bolds? Ect.
Once these questions are answered the company can now personalize your bag and send it out.
It is a monthly subscription but you can cancel at any time or even skip the month!
After you reviewed the products and have used them for a bit, you can go in and rate them on the app and receive points you can use towards items to add to your bag. Once your bag has been created you are given the chance to view what you are getting and if you know you are going to like it you can actually go ahead and make a review before receiving it. I like to wait though and make it a surprise. When you receive your bag, it also includes a cute little card giving you a description of each product and how it works!

Does Ipsy Offer More Than Just The Glam Bag?

Other than the point system that you can use towards products in your next month’s bag, they do also have an online shop with really great products and deals. However about a year ago, they revamped their website and app and no longer will ship to Canada, It has been saying they will be soon but again .. it been a year now so that I am a little disappointed with but if your living in the states this is a great advantage for you!

Why Do I Love It?

The reason I love Ipsy so much was because it was a great way for me to learn about new products. I had been using the same makeup lines for years and knew there was so much more out there, but not knowing what was good or where to start, Ipsy was a great way to introduce myself to several new products that I use frequently.  I get asked a lot if I find the sample sizes annoying, but I love them if I don’t like the product I don’t feel obliged to finish it and the smaller sizes of anything is always great for travel!
I also love that comes with the most cutest bags that I can reuse around the house and for organizing makeup and hair accessories. I have heard a lot of people holding off because they are worried about the monthly subscription but at any time you can cancel your subscription with one click of a button or you can skip the month and not get charged. I have skipped months on many occasions as the products were starting to fill up my make up kit, as they actually last a lot longer than you would think!

I would recommend trying it out if you are looking for some new beauty products, they don’t just do makeup, they offer hair care and skincare products as well!

What I received! 

This month I got the chance to pick one item to go in the bag and the rest where a surprise, in the past months they where all surprises but I liked being able to have the option to pick one item this time, I chose the ItCosmetics cc cream, that most of you know I love so much! I choose it because I knew I was running out of mine soon so this would tie me over until I had the chance to pick a new one up! I won’t talk too much about the cream here as I recently wrote about it and you can read that here 🙂
The other products I received this month came in a cute Betty-Boop bag and where:

  • HEMPZ Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Creme– It’s a lightweight formula that hydrates your skin without leaving it feeling greasy. Its made with apple fruit extract which is loaded with lots of Vitamin C that helps give your skin that radiant glow.
  •  FIRST AID BEAUTY Facial Radiance Pads- Made with glycolic and lactic acid, cucumber, and Indian gooseberry, these pads safely exfoliate, tone and brighten your skin. After cleansing the face, wipe a pad across your face, neck and chest once or twice daily.
  •  BASIC BEAUTY Jelly Blush in It’s October 3rd- A matte, dusty rose blush that is applied wet with a creamy texture and it dries down to a powder-like finish.
  •  BETTY BOOP X IPSY Blink and Wink Mascara- A limited-edition collection in partnership with the iconic Betty Boop. Lash lengthening formula that will give your lashes a dramatic lift while separating and defining, it claims it doesn’t smudge easily and will last all day without flaking.

I am excited to try these out and also excited that I have my favourite CC Cream with SPF 50 in a mini size that I can bring around with me for reapplying and to last me until next weekend when I can grab a new one from Sephora!

I hope these have answered most of the questions you would have, and in no way is this paid or sponsored just my own opinion of this company and how they work and have introduced me to many new amazing products.


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