The Perfect Holiday Coat

Tis the season!
Where everyone gets together to spread all their love and joy!

Everything turns festive from houses, places, and people, everything is just SO done up and it’s extraordinarily beautiful.
The air gets filled with a chill making a good excuse for a hot holiday beverage or cuddling up with a hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies on repeat, setting up the tree and decorating the house while eating all the Christmas baked goodies ! (yuuuuum)
And we can’t forget all of the holiday parties and get-togethers !(which is the perfect excuse to pull out that little black dress)

I have been so excited for this time of year and for once I want to frolic a forest of snow, build snowmen and make snow angels.
HOWEVER  … I really don’t like being cold and lately, I have been letting go of the old and making room for the new and needed
to find a few new pieces that would help keep me warm this winter.

This year I added a few new coats to the collection with this precise one being one of my favorites for the Holiday !
I wanted something simple but with a kick as well, With the lack of light we have had here in Vancouver recently I needed a little colour in my life.

I had my eye on this beautiful coat for some time, and when Black Friday rolled around their was just such an amazing deal i couldn’t pass up, and as i’m a true believer in the Universe I truly knew it was meant to be 🙂

When i received this coat and put it on for the first time I was smiling ear to ear!
it was exactly what i wanted, the colour was so vibrant, the quality felt amazing, the stitching was flawless, It was extremely cozy and although it is just a wrap coat it is exceedingly warm ! pear a warm scarf and your set for winter

Wearing this coat around this time of year has just put me into such a festive mood and so ready for all the Holiday fun !

Of course, I found this coat none other than, Dynamite Clothing,

Here I put together a simple Holiday Look 🙂

I picked up my dress from Dynamite last year actually, but trust me, they have SO many great holiday dresses in store and online!



Click here to get yours! Pssssst.Some items are on SALE !!!

Knee High Boots


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