About Me


“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

A frequently asked question. A question we feel forced to have an answer to but always seem to have the hardest time actually doing so.
Over my years of experiencing and growing, I have felt lost, scared and extremely insecure at times. I had absolutely no idea who I was. With that being said, I feel it was the best thing for me as it led me to a whole opportunity in discovering who I truly am and my capabilities.

I worked many years in retail, customer service, management, marketing, and design. Never actually knew what I loved or wanted to do in life until I was given a chance from a friend to join her on her journey of the health and wellness company ItWorks! Leaning more towards my marketing and sales skills my eyes and heart were opened, my motivation and inspiration broke through and many new ideas came to my attention.

I have always had an enjoyment out of making people happy, I strive to help and please. I do my best to keep myself simple but different, I always had compliments on my style and always get asked where I find my goodies. I am and definitely never will be one to hide where I get anything from if someone loves it wants to share it and make sure they have it too!

Growing up I honestly was never the best kid, School was a struggle and as I got older the less I decided I needed to go. But English classes were always my favorite, not saying my strongest, but my favorite. I had such a passion for writing that I had a Five Star zipper binder filled with poems, songs, and short stories. Needless to say, I always had a love for writing.

About 10 years ago, I lost my dad in a very unfortunate, traumatizing way, I was 18 years old and took it horribly.
Over time I found myself writing less and less and my anxiety and stress level getting higher. As the years went on it got worse, I just no longer could interpret the feelings I felt and transfer them to paper. With the light from It Works ! and its marketing techniques I was starting to get the feel of writing again, remembering how much fun and passionate about it I was I decided that I would get back into writing, not even realizing I would be launching my own blog yet.

After talking with some amazing supporting friends, discovering how much I truly have to talk about and want to share with the world did the idea of my blog come through.
Something I am so excited to share with you, As I am learning who I am, I welcome you to join and watch, read, listen and reply.

“I am just a simple girl, wanting simple things, wanting a simple life “

Here I will share with you:

My Lifestyle
-The battle with Anxiety and Depression.
– Health and Wellness
– Activity
– Goals

My Style
– Creating
– Dedication
– Dress Up / Dress Down
– Doesn’t break the bank
– Make Overs
– Make-Up

My Home Style
– Goals
– Food And Drink
– Relaxing