Stop Dimming Your Light

Stop dimming your light, you are here for a reason and owe it to yourself to live your life and shine. You are who you surround yourself with so watch the energy others put off and how you receive it and give off your energy. Without even realizing it you can fall into a trap of dimming your light to fit in or make others more comfortable. It’s time to reclaim your light and shine.

Dimming your light is when you don’t let your true self shine or be seen, you act a certain way to meet others’ standards to “fit in”
Hiding behind a mask like this is a natural; response to potential pain or threat. So instead of shining, you tend to put on this mask and hide your true self disappearing into the lost seas. You treat yourself poorly and as if you are not important and try to become as invisible as possible

Ways you could be Dimming your light 

* You allow energy vampires to kill your spark and suck the energy out of you rather than setting boundaries. 

* You are constantly trying to get approval and don’t feel validated without it.

* Breaking down boundaries wall after wall to accommodate others

*Comparing yourself to others and trying to be more like them to be accepted

*You hold back your words instead of speaking up for yourself.

* You allow others to treat you poorly with disrespect. 

Ways to stop Dimming your light

1.) Do a Body Scan and Observe – There is a physical response when you’re dimming your light. your body can hold a lot of stress and tension, be mindful and aware of where you feel that tension. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and hold it at the top releasing with a big sigh and starting your focus at the top, you can vision a white light if that helps you, making its way down your body. When I did this I found that I would find tension in my shoulders and my heart felt heavy and sunken. I could tell I was holding the weight on my shoulders and not following my heart.

2.)Scan Your Energy- tap into your energy field what is happening to your energy? Close your eyes and just ask yourself. How are you feeling? I was feeling exhausted and mentally drained. I felt lifeless like I was living just to get through the day, with no ambition and lack of emotion to extreme emotion.

3.) Get Deep with yourself- Ask yourself what it is that is dimming your light, why are you dimming? subconsciously you know the answer so once you get to the core reason you can stop yourself a lot easier. Sit with yourself and let the answers flow to why you are dimming your light, write them down. For me, it was because I felt I was too much and needed to tone down to fit in with the people I am surrounded by or I would embarrass them by being me.

4.) Fill yourself up – Make time for yourself, you are the most important person in your life so block time out each day to do meditations, do something that makes you happy, be with nature, be kind to yourself and remind yourself constantly, it is ok to be you, it’s ok to enjoy the things you do, it’s ok if not everyone likes you, its ok to be silly, its ok to be free. Love yourself, put yourself first and continue to check in with yourself to make sure you’re not dimming.

5.) Show up – Again you owe It to yourself to live the life you were put here to live, and that’s being your genuine self. Show up as your true self, live freely as your true self and if someone tells you too much, then apologize that they feel that way, but never for being you. People who think you are too much are usually people dimming their light, so don’t dim yours to fit in. Stand out and make a difference

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