Fall/Winter Goal Setting Bucket List

Summer stretched out into mid-October so Fall has had a bit of a late start for me, but now that we are here I’m ready to deep dive into it and the winter festivities to follow. This time of year always feels a bit more special, a bit more magical, there’s something about the crisp fall air, the leaves falling, and the family gatherings. Not to mention my Birthday is in November. I enjoyed seeing what my priorities were for summer and wanted to keep track of what my heart needs vs wants for the fall and winter! This may be a little different from what my summer list entailed, this is going to steer away from your typical pumpkin patches and haunted houses, but more so what I feel I NEED for me to grow and work towards some goals I have for the new year.

🖤Lots of Nature Walks – I love watching the leaves change colour and fall to the ground, the morning freshness of the air, the smells of the weather changing, and the inhales of nature. Each season holds its own “crispness and freshness” and fall/winter is one of my favourites, I can’t explain it but encourage you to find nature and experience for yourselves.

🖤 Meditations- I have not been so strict on myself over the summer with my meditations, I think mainly because when I wake up and see light and I think I need to go go go, in winter It stays darker for longer in the mornings, which gives me more time for me to wake up, do my stretches, meditate and not feel rushed into the day.

🖤Boundaries- I am a people pleaser and I feel I always need to be there for someone when they need me, which is partially true as I have opened my heart to others for guidance and support, It’s important to have Boundaries and I have torn down all those walls. So before the New Year Strikes, I would have liked to have restructured and built those walls back up giving some boundaries to my personal space and mind.

🖤Family Time- The holidays are a really lovely time that brings families closer, as the Summer was busy I never really got to spend as much time with family as I wanted, but I can feel it in my heart that I need that family time over the holidays.

🖤 Dedicated Time for Me- Sometimes I am Like the energizer bunny, and I will just go go go until im Burnt out, and I know I have not been giving myself that dedicated time to reset and recharge. I typically leave Sunday open for a ME day, and I would like to get back to making that a habit.

🖤 More Time For Writing- I genuinely love to write, it’s a way to express and get the blockage that resides in my head out. I have not been writing as much as I use to, the bare minimum. I have just been getting by with a little bit of Journalling each day but not digging into the crevices if you know what I mean, When I was younger I had books upon books of poems or songs I have written and I would like to get back into writing from the heart. Song. poems and just general journalling.

🖤 More Music- I want to surround myself with more music, people who love music and appreciate it on the Level I do. I would like to go to. as many shows as my bank account will let me. My heart feels so full when it comes to music, being at shows and surrounding myself with people in the music community. It’s all love. I would also like to start expressing myself more musically.

🖤 More Books- I would like to get back into the habit of reading a chapter a day, I think I have got a little carried away with Screen time. I recently had to put a time limit on social media, and as it helped, I still find myself grabbing my phone and switching between different apps before throwing it on the bed. I think by implementing more time on books will help clear my head from “the scroll”

🖤More Yoga- I have not been doing anything for like the past month and I need to get back into this, the best mornings are movement and meditation and I think I have not been able to have a good meditation due to the lack of movement. and well the light LOL. But over the next few months, I need to reconnect with myself on a higher level and Yoga followed by meditation is the best way I know how to do that.

🖤 Spread Positivity- I feel I was put on this earth to share positivity and love. I have worked over the past year creating a course to help others shift their mindset from the darkness negativity leaves and share the light of love and positivity. In the new year, I will be working on a new project in that I will share my love and positivity and I think if I can just keep showing up daily with all this love and affection with positive vibes I can spread it a lot more naturally as time goes on.

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