Summer Checklist

One of my last posts was about all the things I wanted to do this Summer and now that Summer is done I want to cross reference what I wanted to do vs what my heart wanted in the moment. Most definetly not everything got crossed off my list and as I was going over it I almost felt let down that I didn’t accomplish it all, but, I took a moment to really think about it and realized the things that did not get crossed off where what did not align with my heart during the summer. I had plans to be busy almost every day but in the end what I realized I needed the most was peace , nature and music.

1.) I had my heart set on Food trucks this year, and although I did not make it to an actual food truck festival, I was blessed with having a block of food trucks in my neighbourhood during the three nights of the fireworks, so you know I took advantage of those! I find food trucks to be the most authentic, and the cooks hold a lot of passion behind the menu they create. Not to say restaurants don’t. It’s just more…. authentic. 🤷‍♀️

2.) I am SHOCKED I could have cared less about an Amusement Park this year. I usually try to get on as many rides as possible whenever possible, but for some reason, I could have cared less; I had an interest but a desire. Maybe it was the cost and hours of lineups, but the rides did not call me this year.

3.) I did not make it to my hometown farmer’s markets this year as I wanted, but here in Vancouver, there are so many all over the city that I could check out. I met many new small business owners and learned about their products. It’s always so fun to connect with people and learn about their passions; it makes their products so much more unique.

4.) I had thought I would spend every weekend at a ballpark, but this was not what the universe had in store for me. I would have loved to see my other cousin play his games, but busy schedules did not work out! However, I could make it to my other cousin’s memorial tournament for her son, which was a wonderful weekend with family!

5.) Tubing On a River was the highlight of my summer. Some friends and I spent many weekends chasing waterfalls and floating down rivers, and it was everything my heart, body and soul needed. The peace of floating there and taking in the beauty of nature around, omg, take me back.

6.) Boating was an opportunity, but due to some health issues, I had to pass this up..

7.) DJ On a Boat was the highlight of my summer as well; I lucked out and saw three of my favourite DJs in one show. It was an absolute ship show !😏 My heart and soul…omg, I can’t even begin to tell you the happy high this gave me, how filled my cup was. There’s just something about music that brings me life. I can’t explain it but standing there in front of a speaker with the music slapping me in and then taking over my body… it’s my drug… music is my drug, and the DJ is my drug dealer. End of story, lol

8.) Why I wanted to go whale watching so bad, I don’t know; I mean, I think it would be cool still, but I don’t know; I just lost interest in wanting to do this.

9.) I thought I would go to Granville Island every weekend because it’s so close. Still, I wanted to spend my time more in nature, not spending my money, so I only ended up at Granville Island a couple of times this summer, but it still was great to grab some fish and chips and donuts. If you know, you know …

10.) I saw All the Sunsets and All the sunrises; a friend and I even drove out to our hometown, Ladner, where the sunsets are pure cotton candy sky.

11.) LOTS of beach days were had!! It was lovely, and we explored many different beaches, lounging, relaxing, and reading books. However, I have realized I don’t think I like the beach as much as I used to.. I don’t like the feeling of the sand sticking to me or coming home with me,.. ok Really I think I don’t like the sand, lol, BUT the days were very relaxing and just what I needed.

12.) Family BBQ- How on earth did I think this would happen? Although I don’t have a large family, I have a very busy family, and our schedules are impossible to line up.

13.) Beginning of summer, when I made my summer to-do list, I thought I wanted to spend the summer drinking. The sun brings out a desire to drink. That’s what I wanted to do, go to wineries all over and drink but when the time came, drinking was the last thing I wanted to do.

14.) I did not go to the island. Honestly, the schedule was tough to plan around, and I had ALOT of shows over the summer I was NOT missing.

15.) My not-so bonfire, haha, but im still calling it a bonfire because we sat around a fire, roasted some marshmallows and made s’mores, had a couple of drinks and just talked the night away.

16.) Honestly, I spent the majority of my time in Nature. Hikes, walking, lounging on the beach, forest, lake, river, or trails. There’s a peace of serenity when you are in Nature, and it’s calming and a great way to stay connected with yourself. I was in Nature, I would say 97% of summer and not mad about it.

17.) Im checking off a cousin’s sleepover because I did spend a night at my older cousin’s house! It was by far not the cousin sleepover I Intended, more so just a late night after a couple of drinks, but growing up my cousin and I spent many weekends having sleepovers so It’s being counted as the cousin sleepover I needed.

18.)I did not have a water fight; I think this was something I completely forgot about. Maybe because the “fight” portion of it did not align with my peace of mind mentality, I don’t know.

19.) Music Festivals !!!! So technically, I only went to two actual festivals, but there was a show every weekend, so I felt like the summer was one big festival! It was everything I needed; not too long ago, I thought I was over going to shows and just not into the music scene as much, but this summer taught me how much music touches my heart and fills my soul. I can’t describe the happiness I feel, the wholeness I feel, the love that I feel, and the clearness that I feel. Life makes sense with music, and I will continue filling my life with music and shows.

20.)I had an outdoor movie night with Some friends, and we had the cutest set up with a projector outside with a lovely little collection of snacks, blankets, and pillows and watched all the chick flicks! Honestly, it was an 8-hour movie night filled with so much love and laughter I look forward to doing it again.

Creating a Summer to-do list and Checklist like this helps me put things into perspective as to what I want vs what I need and helps me make the following list for the next season. It’s an excellent tool for helping with growth and keeping you on track to the bigger picture; by creating a list, you are putting it out into the world of manifestation and in the end, what is needed comes to you.

An essential part of summer for me was to detach and enjoy the present moment; I stayed off social media a lot and did not share many of these activities as I was so present I did not care about social media. That said, fall has risen, and I will be showing up a lot more, sharing lots of manifestation and tips with you!

Now, on to the Fall and Winter activities! I am interested in knowing what you have planned, so feel free to share in the comments below or reach out to me through email or Instagram! You can find a link to my Socials below 🙂

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