My Summer To Do List

It may not seem like it with the current weather here in Vancouver, but summer is just around the corner. There’s just that something special about summer, where everything comes to life, the sun is shining, the skies are blue, everything is just bright and cheerful, and im here for it, especially after the dark, gloomy winter we have had.
Last summer was so much fun that im motivated to make this one that much better, so I created a list of all the things I want to do this summer and share it with you in case it sparks some ideas for your summer adventures!

1.) Food Truck Festivals- I LOVE to eat and try new foods from different cultures. It’s one of my favourite things to do; you want to win a key to my heart, buy me food. or mini eggs. I Have always wanted to attend a food truck festival with hundreds of different options and get something small from each menu! I think this would be a fun day with some friends or family.

2.) As Many Amusement Rides As Possible- I have such a thrill for rides and am a big kid at heart that will never change. I love Amusement parks and little carnivals; I honestly could care less about the games, im all about the rides. I feel like it’s a form of release; maybe im scrambling my brains enough to feel clear and refreshed. I will be walking around with the biggest smile on my face, the serotonin is UNREAL, but again that’s me; I know that it’s a bit extreme, and not everyone is up for this.

3.) Farmer Markets- This sounds simple, but a farmer’s market is a summer staple for me, and I haven’t been to one in years, thanks to covid. So now that fun is allowed again, im looking forward to checking out markets all over the lower mainland and seeing what these small businesses have to offer and picking up the freshest, yummiest fruit!

4.)Lots Of Baseball Games-  now you probably think I mean playing it myself, ha no-no. No one wants me on their baseball team. However, I’ll be there to cheer you on! I am looking forward to many games and watching my cousins play. It’s so adorable watching them play, and I love spending time with family. Maybe a Canadians game this year, Shamefully I have never been, haha

5.) Tubing Down A River – I LOVE doing this; it’s such a relaxing day just lounging in your tube floating down a river, maybe with a cold one in hand. Perfect day with family and friends! I live by so many beautiful lakes and rivers and am holding myself accountable this year to GO! It’s been years, shamefully.

6.)Boating- If you have a boat, meet your new best friend. I am just kidding; I will gladly accept your invitation, haha. I love a good day out on the water, tunes blasting, ripping around, tubing, having snacks, drinks, a little fishing perhaps; such a relaxing day and a great way to spend again with your family and friends or alone if you need a little “me” time, but you should always let someone know if you’re alone on the water. It’s a touchy subject with me 🙂

7.) Boat Cruise – a few summers ago, well, a few summers ago pre covid…. ugh… Some of my favourite DJs would perform on a boat cruise, and it was MAGICAL; my gosh, let me tell you, it is ALWAYS a good time, cruising around English Bay listening to your favourite tunes, dancing into a sunset. Manifesting it now that there will be one to attend this year!

8.)Whale Watching – OK. OK, there’s a bit of a Nautical theme here, but I REALLY want to go whale watching. I love killer whales and think it would be fun to go out one sunny afternoon and test my luck and see if I can see them in their habitat, and if I don’t, im not going to be upset; I understand you don’t always see them, in fact, most people have better luck spotting them on their ferry rides, but I still think it will be fun to try. If I don see anty, at least I got a boat ride out of it. I am hoping to convince my kid cousin to do this with me.

9.) Granville Island Day- I live so close and barely go. I don’t really know why it’s just a forgotten land to me, but I want to spend a day there this year. It’s a charming spot to hang out, have picnics, and listen to live music, and they have so many cute shops to wander around and look at—lots of good food, including the best fish and chips. I want to make a point of going a few times this summer! Perfect for those out-of-town friends and family or maybe even a first date 😉 haha

10.)Lots Of Beach Days – Like LOTS! Picnics, relaxing, day drinking, sandcastle building, whatever. I love the beach on a hot summer day. I literally live minutes from one and spent the least of my time at the beach last year. I want to check out a few cool little beach spots in the lower mainland, eat snacks, and float in the water.

11.) Family BBQ-  In the past few years, I have worked on my relationship with my family that I sabotaged years prior. It’s been a minute since my family got together, and I think it would be fun to do a bbq one day! A Loss of a recent family member made me realize that time does not wait for anyone, so don’t wait for time. Some time is running out, and all we have is NOW, so I want to take the Now and really use it and stretch it out as long as I can and surround myself with my family, the ones that love me the most.

12.) Wine Tour In The Okanagan- Well, I don’t drive, so I will recruit someone to go with me, but it’s been a long time since I have been up to the Okanagan. I would love to get a group of girls this summer and maybe spend a weekend there, biking around to all the wineries and ending the day off by a lake.

13.) Have A Day or Weekend on The Island – When I was younger, I would go over to Mayne island a lot in summer to my grandparent’s cabin; everything about it, from the ferry ride over to the drive through the windy roads in a peaceful forest, seeing the deer in the backyard it was just complete peace. Unfortunately, this is not an option going to this cabin anymore, but this summer, I would love to go to the island, maybe Victoria, for the day and hop over to one of the smaller islands. Probably recruit a friend for this as well and explore.

14.) Bonfire- This!! This was a summer staple growing up, and I think it would be fun to spend a night in my hometown with some old friends hanging around a fire, talking the shit, roasting some marshmallows, and perhaps a cooler of some cold bevies.

15.) Lots Of Hikes/Lots of Nature- One thing I found last year was how much I loved being outdoors. I never really considered myself an outdoorsy kind of person but man, let me tell you the rush of pushing yourself up a steep incline, breathing in literally the freshest air possible, watching the wildlife around you, listening to the water run down the creel, it is so relaxing and such an amazing reset. This year I am all for spending as much time in Nature and challenging myself to new trails.

16.) Have A Cousin Sleepover- I have been fairly close to my cousins growing up. Over the years, we have all started our own lives and drifted away. My youngest cousin ran Away for the prime years of his life, and I regret doing that, even though I had to for my own personal growth; I wish I had that time.
It’s all about FAMILY this year! I have NOW, and I think it would be cute to get as many of us together and have a sleepover, watch movies, and do all of the work! But…

17.) Have A Water Fight- I told you, im just a big kid at heart. I want to do some things this summer that bring back those childhood memories and make some new memories with the important kids in my life. Let’s be honest; it will be h; what a better way to cool down than attack your loved ones with a water gun.

18.) Music Festivals- I will probably not get myself to Shambala this year, but I would love to attend so many local music festivals. I love music; it pumps through my veins, my heart is a boombox, so im always happy dancing away under the sun, meeting new people and vibing to the music as one big happy family.

19.)Outdoor Movie Night- We did this for a staff party ( that I didn’t attend), and it looked like so so so much fun; I would love to rent a projector one night and set up a cute outdoor movie theatre with a drink and snack stand, snuggle up in blankets and watch all the movies! this could go hand in hand with a family bbq or even a cousin’s sleepover!

20.) Catch Sunsets and Sunrises- those sweet summer day sunsets and sunrises are something else. Something so simple yet so mesmerizing and inspiring. Not enough; they only last so long, so more this summer! I want to enjoy as many as possible this year as I definitely did not take advantage of this last year.

Writing this list and putting it out into the world is my way of manifesting the best summer!!! Thanks for checking out all the fun things I want to do this summer; I hope something has motivated you and excited you for the summer. Leave a message with something you want to do this summer, and I think I should add it to the list!

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