Ways To Make Yourself A Priority.

This is your reminder never to compromise your happiness if you read this. Live the life you were born to live. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. You are good enough and if you are feeling that doubt, then im glad you’re here!

Maybe you have been putting too much before you, taking on more than you should or need to be. It’s time to stop trying to make everyone else happy; the only person you need to please is yourself. Take pride in what you do, and the important people in your life will naturally be happy with you. Make yourself a priority so you can show up as the best version of yourself, show up and do your job better, and show up and love in your relationships better. You can not be there for anyone unless you are there for yourself, as cheesy as it sounds. Are you ready to become the ultimate best friend and love of your life?

Ways To Make Yourself A Priority:

1. STOP MAKING EXCUSES- “I am too tired to do that now,” “I  don’t have the time to do that now.” “I don’t know how.” These are all lies we tell ourselves. With the right tools and organization/ management, you can accomplish what you need to do to make sure you are taking care of yourself.
If you are more productive in the morning, use that to your advantage and use the evening for your downtime or rest, or vice versa. I was QUEEN of the excuse I don’t have time, im too busy with work when I know 100% that is a lie. It’s easier to make an excuse than to take responsibility. It’s easier to say im busy with work rather than taking responsibility that im choosing work over me. Im choosing to make myself busy with work; im choosing to make it my only priority. Making excuses leads to having a victim mindset that everything is poor, look at me, work too hard, have no time for me, and feel sorry for me. STOP. This is a disgusting habit to have and no way to live. Catch yourself when you do this, take a breath and turn your mindset around. No one is coming to save you. Save yourself. Understand that everything you do is a choice; you have the power to make the right ones—no more excuses.

2. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY- your body is your temple. Your physical/ mental health is your foundation and should be your top priority. Do what you enjoy doing, go to the gym, do yoga, cardio, pilates, run, go for a bike ride, or get your heart rate going. Love yourself from the inside out. Feed yourself nourishing foods; after all, you are what you eat, and from someone who has a history of eating like sh!t, I can tell you, you’ll feel so much better and energized. Also, your hair and skin start looking a lot healthier.

3. REMOVE THE TOXIC OUT OF YOUR LIFE-  this can be people who constantly bring you discomfort or stress and anxiety, people who suck the life out of you, BYEEEE, you don’t have time for them, they’re not bringing you joy or serving you in any way. If you need that break, this could also account on social media or even social media itself. This also goes for fast foods and junk foods. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fast, good, junk food night, but I was once a junk food junkie, which leads to an extremely unhealthy eating pattern and can be very difficult to break, so it’s important to limit the junk intake, it’s ok once in a while, but you don’t need dessert every night, replace it with some fruit,

4. MAKE THE TIME FOR YOU- this sounds so obvious, but schedule it in, MAKE IT YOUR PRIORITY, just like going to work; this keeps you accountable for doing it and not making excuses. Do the things you love that make you feel happy and fulfilled, whether that be family time, working out, working on yourself, or going out for dinner; it can be something so small as to even going away on vacation to having a bubble bath. Make the time for yourself and follow through with it. You are important.

5.TREAT YOURSELF – treat yourself and turn it into a routine; take yourself out on a date once a week, once a month, whatever works best for your schedule, go on the trip, get the clothing you have been eyeing down. You don’t have to wait for a major accomplishment because you constantly achieve and accomplish and deserve to be treated and rewarded. Don’t get caught up in materialist things and spend more than your budget can handle, and there’s more to life than material things.


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