It’s Important to check in with yourself, check in with your happiness, health and goals. Without a little self-reflection, you can get lost in your day-to-day and lose your alignment with your ‘Higher Self. It can feel like you living in a simulation, not truly living up to your highest potential. Take some time to focus inward and dig deep, ask yourself some personal questions to make sure you are where you want to be.

Each night I like to look back and reflect on my day, did I do everything I could to be happy and work to move forward with goals? Though, once a year I like to do a deep dive and really take in the previous year, show gratitude to where necessary and make sure I am living up to my own expectations. Normally I do this for New Year because why not be cliche, however this year I chose March, a month that holds a 1 year anniversary of a really big change in my life. After 10 years of being with my partner that I started dating at a young age, I felt it was my time to be alone. It was the first time ever I was alone, in my own space. This was a big step out of my comfort zone but something that has given me so much growth and strength. It was a year of learning a lot about myself, what my values were, what my worth was, what I truly deserved and was one of my best years, laying a foundation for many more best years to come.


Benefits Of Self Reflection

1.) It creates better relationships, not only with yourself but with people who may enter your life or are already in it. You know what you want, what you deserve and dive inwards to assess what your mind and body feel and make a decision on how much of you that person gets. wasting no time or energy on the people who don’t serve you.

2.)It creates a clear vision for decisions you make. meaning if something is not aligning with your values you’ll know right away and can make your decision without hesitation.

3.)You gain the power. you learn, obviously your worth, values, passions energy and health status. Gaining this knowledge about yourself allows you to move on with courage and confidence and creates a sense of calmness when tackling everyday life.

Ways to practice Self-Reflection

1.)Ask yourself/ Identify Important Questions.
– “What could I improve netter on?”
-“What are my goals?”
-“Am I working toward those goals?”
-“What keeps me grounded?”
-“What am I afraid of?”
-“What are my Values?”

2.)Meditate. I have preached so many times how meditation has been so beneficial in my life. I had absolutely no interest in ever trying it, I always say I don’t regret things in life but I regret not giving a chance sooner. This helps me stay present and mindful and get in tune with my body and take note of certain tensions, feelings and thoughts, they really say a lot.

3.) Journal. I again have preached about journalling. it really is a great tool for expressing your feelings and thoughts and just getting it all out. using prompts that ask yourself some deep questions, documenting your growth and helping you reflect by looking back and seeing if you’re holding yourself accountable being mindful of any habits or patterns

Always set specific goals, stay true to yourself, your passions, the spark that ignites you, your worth and your values. you will notice stress will be cut down and the cluttered thoughts fade away. you only have one life, live it to your best ability and potential. you deserve it.


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