Why Meditation Is Important To Me

I was not always a fan of meditation, I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around it, I had no understanding of what it was or what it could do for me so I had a lack of belief in it. Now by no means am I an expert today but it has become a big part of my everyday routine and I feel off when I haven’t been practicing. By off I mean unbalanced, more stressed, and out of tune with my goals. I don’t believe that by just meditating everything is better or your whole life will come together instantly, there is still work that needs to go into that but what I take out of meditation and why it’s so important to me and my daily routine is:

1.) It Trains My Brain- This will come up and be shown throughout many other points so it comes in at number one. It helps me control my thoughts by focusing each morning on the current moment and my breathe, it teaches me to really stay in the moment and when my thought wanders off I can make note of it and bring it back.

2.) Reduces Stress/Anxiety- by training my brain to bring my mind back to the present after wandering off I can also train my brain to come back to the present moment when feeling stressed, By being aware that I am stressed and worrying about things I have no control over, I can now train myself using breathing techniques to release the stress and stay focused on the current moment, the current task and put the proper energy towards that.

3.)Creates Self-awareness- By taking the time to just be me and feel every emotion and feeling throughout my body I get a sense of areas I need to focus on, though that may appear, I take note of before letting them for example thoughts about work keep popping up I take note and then let them go but I am aware that maybe im putting too much of my energy into work and not things that fulfill me personally and take action to do something just for me.

4.)Changed My Outlook on Life- It’s given me more of a positive outlook, I now look back and see how sick my mindset was in the past, I thought very negatively and had no ambition, I was so unhappy with who I was and the lifestyle I was living. By introducing meditation and really working on it, I was able to train my brain to switch mindsets and start to see the greener grass on the other side which gave me ambition and passion to become the best version of myself that I could be.

5.)Overall Mental Health- it’s allowed me to take my life into my own hands. It’s taught me how to have control and where to direct my energy and where to protect my energy. I was able to let go of things that no longer served me and learned to focus on alignment. Don’t get me wrong, there are still days where I may feel sad or anxious or stressed but overall I can handle that better and not let it control me. I have control now. When I stop doing my meditations I can feel all my hard work unravelling and I lose alignment with myself which I will later discuss how to reconnect!

I wanted to share this today in case there’s anyone that is in a similar boat I once was or is curious about starting meditation. These few reasons I think are enough to get you on track to changing your mindset and truly opening up to live your best life. you deserve it.  It can be difficult at the start but don’t give up, you are strong. As Always, dont hesitate to reach out if you feel you need some guidance.
                                                           XoXo CB

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