A Years Reflection

This past year was not exactly how I expected it to go, Im sure you can agree. It has been a whirlwind, to say the least. However, I wouldn’t call it the worst year I had. As a matter of fact, it’s actually been one of the best ones yet for me. I have felt my life has been put into perspective with a solid year of growth and know myself on a higher level seeing the direction I want my life to go, the energy I want to surround myself with and the women I aim to be. I have a spark inside of me that wakes me up with excitement, gets me ready for my day and makes me feel happy and fulfilled.
I wanted to take some time to reflect on my yeat, show gratitude towards my growth appreciate the highs and lows and look back on my goals and appreciate all that has been accomplished. This gratitude inspires me to now set my intentions and goals for the next year.

Things Im grateful for in 2020

1.) I Fell Madly in Love, With myself- I have been working on self love the past few years but this year was a big year for this growth, I focused on my wants and needs, spent more time doing things that made me happy and started to learn more about myself which lead for a higher level of self-respect and learned my value and worth. At times I would still hold self-doubt on my shoulders but would never forget my value or worth that had me bounce back from any self-doubt which gave me pride that leads to more respect that leads to even more self-love. This has created Positive energy that radiates through my body that rejects negativity and keeps me working towards living my absolute best life.

2.) Reconnecting With Family – About 10 years ago I started drifting away from my family. I would come around for Christmas and Birthdays but that was about it. I missed out on watching my cousin grow up and let go of a connection with one of my best friends that last new year, I made a pact that from that moment forward I would never miss out again and would spend more time with family and rebuild a relationship. Now I cant pick up where we left off but I can build a relationship with who we are today. I had planned a fun activity with my aunt and cousin we were going to wait for spring break which was only a couple weeks away, didn’t seem like a long time but then, not too long after making these plans we went into a full lockdown, those two weeks turned into two months that felt like 2 years. This made me really realize the value of time, how we have no control over time, we can only control the moment we have. As soon as the lockdown was lifted and you were allowed to socialize with a small bubble I went to see my family, which became my bubble, and I couldn’t be happier to have chosen my family as my bubble and build a relationship again. I learnt how important family truly is and how happy I am as a person when I surround myself with them.

3.) I discovered my purpose- Last year I was feeling a little lost so took on some coaching to help give me the push to creating a healthy mindset that at the beginning of the year I wanted to create something similar for anyone out there feeling in limbo. I wanted to be the person to others that I needed. However, at the time, I felt I was still needing that person myself. Through this year of just focusing strictly on me, doing things for me, taking time to truly love myself and let go of some demons I felt that I was ready to start showing up and putting myself out there. I Will be launching a course to help guide others to fall madly in love with themselves and work towards their best lives, shortly as I work through the final tweaks and touches but I can truly say that this was what I was put here to do, I went through my struggles and learned the hard way that leads me coming out stronger, that gave me hope that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that helped me moving forward to come out of years of depression. I know what it feels like to live life in a dark hole, I know what it feels like to live on top of the world. This gives me a lot of gratitude and respect towards the days I feel on top of the world and I just want everyone to experience the feeling of pure happiness.

There are many many more things I am extremely grateful for that happened in 2020 but I promised myself I would narrow it down to 3. I am overall grateful for my growth this year, the alignment I feel with life and myself is something I can only explain as magical. I have never felt so happy nor felt a grasp of an actual direction of the life I want to go.

My Intentions for 2021

1.) More Family time – I want to continue to build a bond with my family, the happiest times this year was with my family and that is extremely valuable and should never be taken for granted. I want to create as many new memories as I possibly can.

2.) Be More Present- This year went by faster than any other and it frankly scared me. I don’t want to get caught up in time again and watch life pass me by, no matter what I do, I want to be present. Present in each moment, being fully aware of everything going on around me, seeing the small signs around me that keep guiding me to my goals and become more present on here.

3.) Become More spiritual- this past year I started meditating and I am by far no master but have really enjoyed the outcome and how it made me feel a stronger connection with myself. So for this year, I want to get more aligned with myself spiritually. I want to get better at meditating, possibly dip into tarot cards and truly get aligned with the universe, feeling the magical feeling of everything it has to offer.

And of course, I have many more but wanted to keep it to 3 points and I feel these points are my top 3 that will continue to lead me down this road of embracing self-love, self-care and continue to grow.
So now I want to hear from you, let me know what you’re grateful for that came out of 2020 and what are our 2021 intentions?


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