Self Care Sunday Ritual

Lately, Sundays have become my favourite day of the week. I look forward to spending the day caring for myself, putting wants and needs first, recharging my batteries and setting myself up to go into the next week feeling relaxed and assertive. I use to spend Sundays anxious that the weekend was ending, wasting an entire day panicking that the next day was a new start to a new week. I had to retrain my brain and start looking at Monday’s on a more positive level, which made me start feeling excited to start a new week and see what new great things come into my life. I started to pay attention to how I spent Sundays and worked on creating a routine that made me feel relaxed, loved, and happy, taking me right into Monday feeling recharged.
Each Sunday may change slightly depending on what my body/mind is feeling like; yesterday, I had an intense Migraine that lead me not to be able to write this or post this when I wanted, but for the most part, Sundays look a little l like this:

1.)Morning Movement– On Sundays, we get up a little earlier than normal and go for an extra-long walk. Breathing in the fresh, crisp morning air. It’s such a peaceful time, just Harley and me. With every breath in, I like to think of something Positive, set an intention for my day, and release it to the universe with every exhale. This fills my body with happiness and a wholesome feeling of just being complete with myself and starts my day off with a warmth of happiness and positivity.

2.) Morning Meditation– On Sundays, I do a longer meditation session than I would do throughout the week; I look forward to these the most. I get intuned with my body and mind and better understand what my body needs that day. Are muscles aching? Am I feeling tightness in areas? Does my heart feel full? Am I holding on to anxiety? Whatever it is my body needs, I will now focus on that throughout the day. Sometimes I do more than one meditation on Sundays too, I love the feeling of being connected with myself.

3.) Writing/ Reading-
After spending some time meditating and then writing in my journal of all the things im grateful for and thankful for and what my intentions are for my day, I like to spend some time writing out my blog post or reading my current book. It’s a time when I feel most inspired and creative; I enjoy a morning coffee cup and just enjoy the peaceful time and creative sparks coming out of me.

4.) Clean- Cleaning is actually a really relaxing task for me; it makes me feel like something is getting done, and I see the progress of it from start to finish. It keeps my mind feeling clear and clean with knowing that everything is in its place, the floors are washed, and the place has that aroma of the clean scent. This leaves me feeling organized and ready to start the week; there is nothing worse than waking up on a Monday and not having that fresh, clean start, for me at least. When I spend the day in a clean home on Sunday and wake up to it on Monday, it just starts the day off right for me.

5.) Self Care- Now that the house is clean, and it’s about 2pm with so much day ahead of me, I focus on self-care; I will pour myself a hot bubble bath, turn off the lights with only my amazing galaxy projector lighting up the ceiling with a soothing aurora. Allowing my body to just float and soak and listen to the soft sounds of whatever Spa-like music I have put on. I can spend up to 3 hours in the tub, really, until the water is no longer remotely warm. I will also spend time before or after my bath, depending on the day, dancing around my living room or kitchen; I like to let the music just take over my body. I also like to take the time to put on self-tanner while dancing around or cleaning up the kitchen, or even just watching a movie on Netflix while painting my nails. I also like to take this time to take extra steps in my skincare routine, putting on masks or extra products to help give me a home facial feel and give my skin a little extra love getting it ready and fresh for a week of makeup.

So that’s really it; Sundays have become a solid day of just relaxing, preparing for the next week and just mentally resetting.
Let me know how you spend your Sundays in the comments below!


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