Release, Reset, Recharge

For my birthday a couple weeks back, I had received a relaxing massage and I was looking so forward to getting that hour of turning my brain off and just feeling nothing but relaxed. That’s exactly how the hour was spent and when I left I felt very calm and zen and in touch with myself. However when I got home was a different story, my body filled up with the unwanted intensity of anxiety. My heart was beating rapidly and I felt irritated by the smallest things, sounds made the intensity increase and I no longer felt aligned with myself or any form of relaxation. I felt overwhelmed over nothing and couldn’t control my thoughts or emotions. I Had no idea what was triggering this anxiety, it came out of nowhere for me and lasted a couple weeks, I think I am only finally just starting to get control of it now.

What I had learned was while you very well may not feel stressed at the time but your body can hold on to it if not receiving a form of release.
looking back on my couple weeks prior to this attack I realized that had stopped listening to my body, I wasn’t doing much working out, I skipped many morning meditations and my gratitude journaling I didn’t have any form of release. SO this is why I am here, to remind each and every one of you we are only human, we are not robots that get to plug in at the end of each day, sleep is similar but if not getting a release, that reset doesn’t get a recharge and burns its batteries a lot faster. Sleep is not enough for a release, reset, recharge. I am not perfect, I don’t have life all figured out, that’s not what I’m here trying to feed you, I am figuring it all out just like you, these are just life hacks and tricks I have learned along the way that truly help you stay on the path towards your perfect life, your dreams.
Here I wanted to share with you a few ways to reset your brain, release energies from your body and recharge.

Recharge your Batteries and Reset Mentally

1.) Understand your energy levels – Are you someone who wakes up and go or someone who feels sluggish in the mornings? if your not a morning person be mindful of that, take the mornings to wake up, you don’t need to plan this time for workouts, or meetings etc. Don’t feel guilty for not being a morning person and vice versa if you feel more tired at night don’t feel bad for not being a night owl. Everyone has different energy levels. Start looking at your routine and schedule, make sure to plan around your energy levels, schedule your harder tasks when you know your brain is most productive. This refrains you from straining your brain as it works harder when trying to think when not working at its highest performance. This will tire you out a lot faster and make you very run down.

2.) Get Enough Sleep– It’s important to make sure you include a good night’s sleep into your routine, aiming for the same amount each night anywhere between 6-8 hours of sleep depending on the person, for me, I need 7- 8. Sleep is a big impact on productivity, I can say that when I find myself getting 6 hours or less I feel additionally run down by the end of the week. Even if it’s just an hour less each night, it all catches up with me by the end of the week. If your feeling like you may need that mental reset, look at your sleep pattern, make sure you’re getting a reasonable amount of sleep, go to bed at a reasonable hour, create a comfortable space and build a nightly routine, it’s just as important as your daily.

3.)Excersize- Having a routine where you exercise daily truly helps to keep your mind clear. The more active you are, the more your brain works. you are more focused, have more clarity of thought and better memory. Regular exercise will also improve overall health and as you begin to feel better from getting more exercise you start getting more done.

Release Stress From Your Body

There are MANY ways to Release stress from your body, a few ways that I find working time after time for my self-care:

1.)Dancing- Dance use to be a very big part of my life and as I got older I slowly drifted away from it but about once every 3 months or so my body craved a night dancing my heart away to one of my favourite DJs. Well obviously we have not been able to do this and been about 9 months or longer now since I have had a good dance out and felt it really starting to get to me, so I put on some of my favourite music, feel it pump through my veins, feel it in the soul, giving in and just letting my body move freely, next thing I’m dancing around my room. It’s still not the regular dance floor I’m used to but find it’s one of the best forms of release for myself, sometimes when I finish my body releases a good cry or just feels complete of happiness.

2.) Movement- Exercising is not only a good way to keep your mind working more clear and maintaining a healthy balance with your minds, but it’s also one of the best ways to release energy from your body. I find any movement is great but depending on what your body is holding onto you may need something more intense like a run or boxing, but if your feeling more anxious doing yoga or meditation would be best as it helps you align with your inner self and you work with a lot of breathing techniques that help you release emotions

3.) Relax- Pour a hot bath, grab that book and just let your body relax. allow the tension in your body to release, just let go, allow your body to feel light like it was floating, Turn your brain off, read or just lay there in peace to some relaxing music. Of its in your budget, book a massage, relax and feel the energy pathways release from your body. Curl up in bed in your favourite jammies, write it out, how you feel, your goals set intentions and share the things you share gratitude towards fill your heart with positivity and don’t feel guilty for taking the time for yourself.

Remember, to look after number one, which is you, we all need to take time to mentally reset, recharge our batteries and Release stress and negativities from our bodies. I typically dedicate Sundays to a complete day of self-love, releasing what I can, spending the day with yoga, meditation and many hot baths.
Let me know how you release I am always interested in hearing your life hacks as well!


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