The Meaning Behind My Necklaces

In my early women hood, I was not much of a jewelry person, at all. I would always break or lose the little jewelry I had. Due to the lack of responsibility I had for jewelry, I would always purchase cheap pieces that would never last long, even if I managed to be gentle, they would still break because they were so cheap. My Aunt had given me a really cute necklace for Christmas and I loved it but was also a little worried that it wasn’t going to last long. I started to wear it on a more daily basis and really sparked my interest in dainty jewelry, I wanted to include a few more pieces into my wardrobe. I spent a lot of time browsing many websites, popular ones you see influencers constantly posting and just wasn’t connecting with any of the pieces. The reason I loved the one my aunt got so much for me was the quality was making the test, the design had a meaning ( that will get to shortly) and when I wore it I felt confident. So I asked my aunt where she got it from, started browsing the page and within a couple minutes I was at the checkout. Shortly after the engraved line was launched and I had custom-made 2 new pieces that are very special to me and find myself wearing these few pieces daily. The company I get these pieces to come from Reiko Design, A small business in my hometown, Ladner. So not only am I bringing in these pieces that embrace memories and pure love from the heart, but I also get to support a small business during these trying times.

1.) The Compass- The one that started it all. When my Aunt gave this for Christmas her meaning behind it truly touched my heart. ” to always lead you down the right path” This was given to me at a time I was going on a true spiritual journey of discovering myself, my needs and wants, what makes me happy. I was finding my way to living my best life and this was a reminder of that, and to keep on the right path. When I wear it I feel the confidence in myself that I am guiding myself the right way, I feel confident that everything is working out for the better and that the universe has my back.

2.) The Angel Coin- When browsing Reiko’s Designs website this one jumped right out at me and was the first one in the cat. It represented a guardian angel to me, my grandma and my dad watching over me. I wear this one now almost every day as well and when I do I feel like I have a part of them with me. It makes my heart feel whole, happiness runs through my body and I feel unstoppable.

3.)The Flower/ 11:11 Engraved I could not pull away from this, it was a beautiful engraved flower calling out to me. For some reason, it reminded me of my favourite Disney movie, ‘ Beauty and the Beast’ even though it is not remotely the same flower. However, it still resembled that flower to me and what I take away from the movie that being to always be kind, love and be your true self, give everyone a chance and get to know their soul before making a decision on how you feel about that person. Everyone has a story. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I had then reached out to ask if I could customize this necklace and add 11:11 to the back. I wanted to add 11:11 because it’s a number that means a lot to me spiritually. When I see the number it brings a smile to my face and fills my body with an electric feeling bringing me relief and peace. It reminds me that I am where I need to be, everything I do is for the right reasons, I’m on the right track and everything will work our ok.

4.) The Say Anything Engraved ( d.p.e 04.18.07 ) – This was just a blank bar staring at me, waiting for my creating. I had these ideas running through my head that was either a song title or lyric that reminded me of my dad or the date that he passed. I reached back out to see if my idea could be done and with a few design ideas back and forth we came up with my favourite piece I own. I ended up going with his initials in a soft handwritten font in a lower case with the day he passed on the back in bold font to symbolize the impact it made on my life. I wear this one practically every day as a reminder to keep working at becoming the best version of myself in honour of my dad and all the things he wished for me on top of for myself. It’s a part of him with me every day close to my heart and I am so thankful for all the care put into this piece.

The entire experience with ordering these special pieces that will be apart of me for the rest of my life has been so enjoyable, the staff is so incredible and it keeps me coming back. There is so much kindness and passion coming out of this company and it shows in the species, which are very affordable.
I highly recommend checking this adorable business out if you’re on the hunt for cute dainty jewelry or searching for that perfect gift for a loved one.
Thank you to everyone at Reiko Designs for helping me create these, I look forward to adding more!


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