Creating A Solid Routine

Routines are the best thing we can do for our minds, bodies and soul. Having a routine suited to your lifestyle makes you more productive- thus, your successes will grow.
Of course, a routine is different for everyone but with a few people I have helped set up their routines to start their day have come to say how much of a change they feel in their day-to-day life, feeling more aware, productive and happy.
I will share with you shortly the tips of creating that routine but first, let’s understand what a routine is.

What Is  A Routine?

“A Sequence of actions regularly followed, a fixed program.”

Routines can be fun, they are what you make of them, and I actually look forward to each morning and my routine. They really set me up for success each day, and since implementing and sticking to my routine, I have noticed how it helped with my overall health.

Ways Routine Can Help With Health :

Better Stress Levels– lead to improved mental health, gives more time to relax and less anxiety, which can help with being at high risk for heart disease and overall health.

Better Sleep- will leave you feeling refreshed. Your routine of a reliable sleep schedule and bedtime habits affect your mental heal sharpness, performance, emotional well-being and energy level.

Better Health- as it reduces stress and anxiety and gives you a better sleep; it also helps with overall health, diet and exercise and being more mindful of your body.

Now. Like I had mentioned before, I had shared a few tips to start as soon as you wake up to set yourself up for success. Again a routine is different for all, but if you’re just starting out on creating a routine for yourself, then I would like for you to try and piece together what your routine may look like using these 5 aspects to a perfect routine.

5 Aspects To The Perfect Routine: 

  1. Visualization- as soon as you wale up, visualize your perfect day. How do you want it to go, where are you, what do you see, what do you feel, what do you smell? This starts each day off on a positive note and creates the mood and ambition to work towards your perfect day.
  2. Movement-  go for a walk, run or jog or do any sort of exercise; just get that body moving. This wakes u the brain and body. Refreshes the mind and starts your day off with positivity that will motivate you throughout the day.
  3. Meditation-start off with just 5 minutes; there are so many great ones on youtube you can search for. This will help you be more mindful of your body, what it needs throughout the day and your breathing, which will help with anxiety and stress. You start each day off with being calm, relaxed and assertive. Feeling clear and balanced and ready to embrace the day.
  4. Gratitude- spending some time with your journal or just saying to yourself the things you are grateful for, making it impossible to be in a bad mood. Having the things you are thankful for, and being mindful of them will always circle you back to that positive feeling and day if you start to feel it drift to bad.
  5. Energy Shifting– take the time to come into a beautiful energy, use your visualization, meditation, gratitude and your clear mind from movement to really shift into your energy and set your mood and intention for that day.

Use these each morning in whatever order works best for you, and you will start to see life differently, more precisely. Your routine will begin to unfold naturally, and you will have a new exciting feeling when you stick to it. You are worth the beautiful life you dream of, and you have it in you to get it.



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