Building Confidence

In the past few months, I have been hearing a word to describe myself by people I know or meet, and that word has been “confident.” I never was one to think of myself as a confident person, so to keep hearing this made me step back and see how much I have been embracing that confidence.
Coming from having no confidence in myself, always worried about my looks, or If I was doing something right, wondering if I was letting someone down? I just had a lack of self-confidence, and it was one of the main factors as to why I had such a negative mindset.
Gathering confidence in my self or the task I was involved in or relationships in my life I was in was my first step to learning to love myself and respect myself.

So how exactly do we build confidence?
It took many steps, a lot of work, a solid routine of practicing Daily Gratitude and staying as positive during any adverse situation. I did not allow my mind to drift. Focused on staying healthy, loving unconditionally, by proving myself over and over again on how strong I could be started to boost that confidence in myself.

What Is Confidence?
” The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something: a firm trust.”
“The State of feeling certain about the truth of something.”
“A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.”

Strategies for Building Confidence:

1.) Use Confident Body Language even if your In a position where you don’t feel very confident, you can appear optimistic by readjusting your body language. When you project confidence through your actions, your mind will start to feel those actions and makes your confidence feel real as well. Tell yourself that you can achieve your goal, then the feeling of confidence that you are projecting will become your feeling naturally.

2.) Embrace A Growth Mindset- when overcoming your self-doubt, having a growth mindset is vital. When you view your challenges as opportunities, you can approach them with assurance. You begin to see setbacks as progress, and they become part of mastering how to build confidence.

3.) Practice Positive Thinking- feeling confident starts from within with positive thinking. Reframe your mindset to see the good out of any bad, start thinking more positively and feel more self-assured as a result. This does not mean you put on rose coloured glasses, and everything is rainbows and butterflies. It’s more of having a realistic sense of capabilities. When you build a routine of positive reinforcement, you can view setbacks as stepping stones to success.

4.) Let Go Of The Need For Control-  by trying to have control of our lives, we are actually reducing confidence. Nothing in life is truly within our control. We can control how we react or how we feel, but we don’t have control as to what truly happens in life. By letting go, you gain the ability to accept circumstances as is, which will become a powerful component that will start building that confidence.

5.) Accept Yourself-  it’s important to let fo of your “ideal self” the person you wish you were. Accept yourself as you are in any state, ain any emotion. When you accept yourself for who you are unconditional, you can look at your feelings objectively and appreciate what they teach you about yourself.

6.) Treat Others With Respect and Compassion- How you treat others is as important as how you treat yourself. When you practice “soft skills” like respect, compassion, empathy, deep listening, you build a harmonious relationship with others that make you feel food and gains confidence with every interaction you have.

7.) Appreciate Your Value And Live By Them- To truly learn how to build confidence, you must take pride in your values. They make you uniquely you. When you make value, driven choices, there’s no room for doubt. You’re living up to your own standards, and that’s the definition of an extraordinary life filled with passion and purpose.

Let go of your self-doubt and embrace your self-confidence. You are unique and have an extraordinary Purpose.


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