Being Mindful To Your Body

If you are a regular around here, you know by now how I am all about self-care and listening to your body when it needs a break.
I had a moment this morning where I was going to skip a morning workout out of pure laziness and it made me mindful of what my body wants vs to what my mind wants. How can you tell if your body needs a break or if your mind is playing tricks on you?

This can take some time to master but you just need to start being mindful of each moment.
For me  I can tell when my body can skip a workout for my body feels weak and sore to the point I feel like I could collapse, my brain feels numb and throbs and I will take these mornings off. Then there are mornings like today where I am just dragging my body around, stumbling over my feet, I feel tired but I take the moment to be mindful and realize, my body does not ache at all I don’t feel numb, my brain is trying to trick me to thinking I need a break but I push through, workout and feel much better whereas if I didn’t push myself I would keep digging myself into this hole of laziness, that can actually start eating away at my mental health. I used working out as a reference just because that’s whats inspired me to write this but is not limited to working out, this goes for everyday life like work, events, family, friends, etc. I have said before and ill say again, listening to your body is the strongest form of self-love.and self-care you can give yourself.

A few ways to become mindful to your body :

1.) Respect your body – Replace negative thoughts about your body with gratitude for how your body works and all the way it serves you throughout the day. speak to your body with love and respect. Its the only body you have.

2.) Connect the body and mind- Use the combination of your breath and sense of touch by putting your hand over your heart. Be mindful of how your heart beats, how your chest rises and falls with each breath, . As you begin to notice the rhythm of your breathing- focus on the sound of your inhale and exhale and continue to relax- now tune in to your body what does It feel, what’s it saying ? Is it tense, relaxes, tired, hungry, do you feel anxious? Take a moment and really listen, you will be surprised how to intune you become and what you will learn about your body.

3.)Ask what your body needs at the moment-  when you have become intuned wand mindful to your body I take the time to think what do you need right now if you were feeling anxious take the time for some yoga or breathing techniques if I’m hungry it’s important to grab something to eat right away if I’m sore or tired take the time to rest and reset, pour a hot bath

4.) Ask what your body needs to keep its health-  take some time to ask your body what it needs on a long-term basis to heal and thrive in the future. Do you need more sleep? should you be going to bed earlier? So you need to stop eating certain foods and stop eating at certain times? Do you need to start speaking up for yourself?

By following the above steps, you become naturally intuned and aligned with your body that you will easily be able to tell if you truly need a break or if it’s just laziness kicking in. And it’s ok to be lazy at times, we all deserve it and have that right Just don’t let it take over the things you need to get done or are good for your body.

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