Setting Affirmations

We can all get caught up in limiting beliefs, and I find by setting a daily affirmation will help guide you with a positive mindset. With this mindset, it will help guide you and motivate you to work towards your goals and to remind you of your worth. Whenever I get caught up with a negative mindset ( it can happen, Im, only human) I like to remind myself of my affirmation that I set, and it puts that smile back on my face, changes my mood and helps me get back into gear, and I set myself up for success.

What exactly Is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement of truth which one aspires to absorb in life, to affirm- is to state something is true.
Affirmations are influential and practice- not wishful thinking. Affirmations should be repeated in a space with focus. By repeating a statement, it allows you to change your habits and attitude to positive ones and overall changes the subconscious mind.

How I make affirmations

I typically start on my morning walk with Harley; I take in my surroundings, give thanks and gratitude, set an intention and speak an affirmation to myself. I then come home and write in my journal of all the things I’m grateful and thankful for, set some intentions and set my affirmation, I’ll write it out 5 times in my journal. Once they have been written, I take a moment to read them over, and then again, but out loud. I take a deep breath and let out the negativity and say my affirmation with belief and passion and meaning, mentioning it in such a wat it draws me into the superconscious.
I choose merely just one affirmation a day and remind myself of this affirmation through out the day, where I start to show doubt within myself.

Examples of Affirmations:

” What I do today will create a new and better future, filled with inner joy.”
“I Will love others as an extension of my own self.’
“I am doing my best.”
“I am free of worry and regret.”
“My thoughts become my reality.”
“I am grateful for opened doors and new opportunities.”
” I am in love with myself and my body.”
“My strength  is greater than any struggle.”
“I was not made to give up.”
“I choose what I become.”
“I am enough.”
“I am proud of myself.”
“I love and accept myself.”
“I allow myself to be myself.”
” I am worthy of my own love, honour and respect.”
“I welcome and attract abundance in all parts of my life.”
” I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.”

How to make your affirmation:

An affirmation is to be positive. If you are making an affirmation like ” I am not angry,” then the word angry will stick and register an impact on the subconscious mind. Instead, try ” I am happy,” think of what your missing, and use that towards your affirmation. Do you feel a lack of self-love, success or lack of confidence? Use your affirmation to turn those feelings into positive beliefs.

I hope you found this helpful and let me know if you start implementing affirmations into your daily routine if you already do.

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