Bringing My Hair Back To Life

Anyone who is really close to me will fully understand my love and passion for my hair. Im, not one to be caught up in the appearance of my hair or always checking myself out every opportunity I get, but I have a lot of respect and love for my hair and I will tell you why.

My passion for my hair strives off of pride. Pride in myself for overcoming a lifestyle that was threatening to my health. It was a time in my life where I was fragile, broken, lost and unhappy. I was suffering from my mental health more than ever as I was so caught up in a lifestyle fueled by drugs and alcohol that lead me to have no perception of what day of the week it was. I had spent a few weeks sleepless and decided that I needed a haircut, I have no idea at this time what exactly was going through my head but I thought it would be a great idea to cut all my hair off to just above my ears over a three-day span. Just imagine that for one second… I was so embarrassed and ashamed I would wear hats to hide it. When my hair started growing back I felt beautiful again, valued and had started feeling respect for myself. It was the beginning of the transformation to who I am today. I take pride in my hair and keep it healthy as a reminder of my respect and how hard I have worked to not get to that point again.

I worked with my hairstylist for over 10 years to get my hair into shape, to create a beautiful icy blonde colour ( after a lot of colour correcting from my decision to use a box dye.. if you know you know.) I was always SO happy with the results and always left feeling like a million dollars. I am in Vancouver and would go to White Rock which took a few hours in travel time and then a few hours to do my hair so I started to see a local stylist out of convenience… well due to convenience I started going a lot more regularly for the upkeep as I felt it was needed.  After about a year and a half, I really started missing my staple Icy Blonde hair and started the trek back to my regular stylist I had been working with. Absolute no offence or no disrespect to the lady that took over for that time but when you have built a relationship and worked with someone for so long, they just get you and know exactly what you’re after ( Check out my post of the importance of a hairdresser here)
When I saw my stylist for the first time in almost 2 years, it felt like no time was ever taken from us, she still knew exactly what I was after and the process started, here’s where things took a turn for the worse as I call it… she started to notice EXTREME breakage, she started to notice it all throughout my hair making layers uneven and not a lot of room to do actual colour processing. She told me that it’s going to take a lot of love to recover and possibly a big cut would be needed, in the 10+ years she’s been doing my hair she has never seen it in such rough condition. You could only imagine how this hurt me as it was the staple of my journey but I also took this as a reminder to pay more attention to my health.
I started with cutting back the number of times I washed my hair in a week from 3 to  1 or 2 if needed and started looking into hair treatments and masks that wouldn’t break the bank but would also repair the condition of my hair.

These are a Few I have Come Across and Love

Marc Anthony Grow Long Anti-Breakage Mask-
It corrects image and future breaking by infusing nourishing proteins back into dry, weak, damaged hair. It revives the hair’s elasticity and reinforces strength inside out. I typically use this at the beginning of the week when I freshly wash my hair. I leave it in for as long as possible and as im rinsing it out I can already feel the difference in how soft my hair feels. I find that after once use the results are lasting up to a week!

Marc Anthony Instant Miracle Mask Damage Rescue- 
Made with a rich blend of proteins, butter and oils. It restores the hairès shine and softness while protecting the hair from future breakage and split ends. It’s free from Sulfates / SLS, Parabens, Phthalates and within 8 minutes it locks that moisture and blends of shea butter, protein and oils into your hair leaving your hair feeling like you just left the salon. I will alternate this one with my anti-breakage mask every other week or use it in the middle of the week without washing my hair and just using it as a deep condition.

Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Smoothing Conditioning Treatment-
This was the first item that I actually ever purchased and was so happy with the results I started getting the masks and then also the conditioning treatment below. I started using it once a week when I washed my hair and when my hair air drys its usually pretty frizzy but this had my hair feeling soft, no frizz and created a really nice natural wave.

Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long Intense Hydration Conditioning Treatment –
I use this one by weekly, One week I will use the mask and the following this conditioning treatment. This treatment penetrates the cuticle and gives your hair nice deep hydration leaving your hair feel full, luxurious, soft and full of shine.

Now does one need this many Masks and conditioning treatments… not at all, I just love having variety, You can absolutely get away with just choosing one mask and one conditioning treatment.  As we are still getting through this little hiccup of quarantine, now is the best time to really focus on your hair, Salons are starting to open back up but it’s still good to give your hair a good treatment before going in and doing any colour processing. I have used my share of expensive salon quality masks and conditioning treatments that cost well over $50.00 and yes love them but these ones I find are working just as well for the fraction of the cost.
Cheers to healthy hair!
I would love to hear some of your favourite hair treatment products or let me know if you try out these ones!!


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