Black Lives Matter

Like many, the past couple of weeks gave really impacted how I see everyday life. It has been brought to my attention just how much privilege I have for being white and as I am grateful for my privilege I am hurt that having this privilege exists.
It saddens me that after all these years people get judged and bullied for the colour of their skin. it is so wrong and we need to do better.

Friday was Juneteenth which is known as freedom day or emancipation day, it’s an annual American holiday that commenced June 19th, 1865, the ending of slavery. Here in Vancouver we had a march in unity and as much as I wanted to be apart of it, I couldn’t escape work but I was lucky enough to catch it on my way home and it was such an amazing sight to see, a powerful feeling listening to all the chants and the passion in everyone’s voices. It gave me hope and put a smile on my face to see everyone coming together to create change, to express community values, morals, and wants.  Let’s keep that up!

I made a promise to do my part, keep my eyes open more to what’s going on around me, stand up and speak up when I hear or see something wrong. I will never understand why this is happening or how someone goes through life living in fear, is someone going to hunt me down today?  I will continue to learn and listen, I will continue to sign every possible petition and every payday I make a donation to a foundation, it may not be a lot but it all adds up so anything counts. I have also come across some beautiful creators that I think deserve your attention.
below are few petitions, Organization  and creators that deserve your attention


these are petitions that have not yet made their goal and require attention.

Julius JonesJulius was 19 years old when convicted of a murder that he says he did not commit, he has lived ion death row for 20 years, held in confinement for 23 hours a day on seeing the sunlight for one hour. It has been clear that his lawyer did not defend him and that explicit racial bias played a significant role. For example, eyewitnesses place Mr.Jones at his parent’s house at the time of the murder . miles away from the crime scene, Mr.Jones’ co-defendant admitted to being involved in the crime and is now free after testifying against Julius. He has been heard bragging that he set Julius up, Click here to read more and sign for Justice.

Regis Korchinski-Paquet – Regis was murdered by Toronto Police. A call was made for a domestic incident and Toronto police officers were present on the 24th floor of a high park apartment building to “observe” 29-year-old Regis, Shortly after she allegedly fell off the balcony. The police contacted all news channels not to show up and her death was ruled a suicide when many witnesses saw Regis being pushed off the balcony. Click here to read more and sign the petition to reach the attention of Mayor John Tory, MPP Bhutila and Toronto Police to commit a transparent investigation and hold the officers involved accountable.

Ahmaud Arbery- Justice for Ahmaud Arbery- Pass the Georgia hate bill. on february23,2020, Ahmaud was jogging through a neighbourhood near his home in Brunswick, Georgia. George McMichael and Travis Mcmicheal observed Arbery jogging and confronted him with guns Arbery tried to defend himself but was savagely shot and killed by the two men. In the past three years, Georgia state law has failed to pass a hate crime bill and is one of 4 states without a hate crime law. Click here to read more and sign to help get this bill passes, the bill will enact “Georgia enhanced penalties for hate crimes act.

Joao Pedro – Joao was 14 years old when he was killed by the Rio De Janerio police. He was shot and killed at his home and his body was taken by the police. His family waited 17 hours until receiving news of his whereabouts. They finally found his body at a medical examiner’s office. The Family had counted 72 bullet marks in the walls of their home. Cops say Joao died in a shoot out started by criminals, however, neighbours have stated that is a lie. Click here to read more and sign the petition for Joao’s justice.

Breonna Taylor  Breonna was an award-winning EMT and model citizen. A division of the louisville police department performed an illegal, unannounced drug raid on her home. Not a single officer announced themselves before ramming down her door and firing 22 shots, shooting Breonna 8 times, killing her. Not only where the police at the WRONG house, but the man they where looking for had already been arrested earlier that day. Now to date, the Louisville council passed Breonna’s law banning no-knock warrants.
the measure also ensures that body cameras must be worn by all police officers executing a warrant for at least five minutes before and after the warrant is executed. One of the three officers who shot Breonna, Officer Brett Hankinson is being fired but this is not enough and this petition still needs your attention so Click here for Justice for Breonna.

Willie Simmons-  Willie has served 38 years in prison for a $9 robbery. In 1982, Willie, A Army veteran, was prosecuted under Alabama’s habitual offender law. He had served 3 prior convictions, one of which was for grand larceny and the other two where for receiving stolen property.He was convicted of 1st-degree robbery for stealing $9 and has spent the past 38 years in prison. This is clearly a case of cruel and unjust punishment. Over the years Simmons has filed several appeals without any legal assistance, all of his appeals have been denied and based on the 2014 change in Alabama laws, he has no appeal options left. In the interest of Justice governor, Kay Ivey should commute Mr. Simmons’s sentence. Click here to sign the petition. everyone deserves a second chance.

The Hands Up Act- Created by Travis Washington who received an M.A degree in Higher Education and Administration from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in May 2019.
He started this petition as we need legislation now that prohibits police officers from shooting unarmed citizens. If there isn’t a weapon found after someone has been shot (therefore, unarmed) by a police officer, then he purposes the officer should receive a mandatory 15-year prison sentence.  Click here to read more and sign

Emerald Black- On June 19th, Emerald Black pregnant, black woman, and her fiance were pulled over by police after coming from a doctor’s appointment. They were pulled over due to bad registration tags. The officer spoke to Ms. Black’s fiance while she stayed in the car. The officers began to order her out of the car. Ms. Black was clearly pregnant and she had let them know that she had just gotten back from a doctor’s appointment where she was informed she was at high risk for a miscarriage. Despite this, the officers yanked ms. Black, still in her hospital clothes, and threw her to the ground. They taunted her, piled on top of her, and stomped on her stomach causing her to miscarry. The stomp had also left a shoe mark. They then arrested her and her fiance and made them spend the whole night in jail while Emerald was miscarrying. Because of these abhorrent attacks done by the Police, Ms black suffered not only physical but emotional injuries. Click here to read more and sign the petition to demand investigation of the San Leandro PD’s treatment of Emerald Black.

There are so so so many more that require your attention and I recommend going to check out Pending Petitions.


Black Lives Matter- #BlackLivesMatter was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer. Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. This is a great place to search for resources and petitions and provides lots of education.

Colour of Change- Color Of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization. They help people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us.

Campaign ZeroFunds donated to Campaign Zero support the analysis of policing practices across the country, research to identify effective solutions to end police violence, technical assistance to organizers leading police accountability campaigns and the development of model legislation and advocacy to end police violence nationwide.

BLM Vancouver-  supports the organizing work of black folks and allies in undoing systemic racialized violence. This is another good place to come to get resources and find out what’s happening locally.

National Association for the advancement of coloured people (NAACP)-  their mission is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons.

People to follow:

These are people that I find inspiring and motivating and also really enjoy the creativity they have to share. Ranging from influencers, digital creators, advocates, dancers and photographers


Thank you for taking the time to read and look this over, I hope that you were able to help get the petitions closer to their goals and found some new accounts to follow. This is only the beginning and needs to keep working together to make equal rights for every single human being, enough is enough. Stand up, speak up and love unconditionally.


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