Setting Intentions

As you know by now I am all about self-development. I have put my focus on energy and how I absorb the energy and react to it. I wanted to share this because if I didn’t stick to setting intentions over the past week while my mental health was testing me, I don’t think I would have made it through successfully. before I started implementing my daily intentions I was feeling so overwhelmed with a feeling that I had no purpose or wasn’t growing because the reality was I was growing and I did have a purpose but being caught up in a negative mindset had me seeing life through a strong fog. So fast forward to today where I had spent the last several months working with a coach to create a healthy, positive mindset. Sometimes we just need a little push or a handhold to get us through our fog. So that’s what brings me to setting intentions and how these keep me in line with myself, goals, and maintain a healthy mindset

What is an Intention:

“determination to act in a certain way” ” A thing intended; an aim or plan”

An intension is a goal or a vision that guides your actions, thoughts, attitudes, and choices. It is a clear and positive statement of an outcome you want to experience. Your intentions influence your actual experiences. Intentions provide a foundation to set priorities, align yourself with the fundamentals you need to manifest goals. By setting an intention and working towards it you are proving to yourself and the universe that you are dedicated to your dreams and goals.
By setting my intentions I feel a form of structure, it keeps me grounded and when I feel myself drifting away from my dreams or goals I remind myself of my Intentions and keep moving forward. When I feel myself getting worked up, I remind myself of my intentions “I intend to be calm and positive”

Examples of Intentions:

” I intend to lead by example”
” I intend to love unconditionally”
“I Intend to stop taking things personally”
” I intend to manifest happiness naturally”
” I intend to see the goodness around me”

By reminding yourself throughout the day of your intention it will keep you mindful and help provide you with a positive mindset with positive energy.
I usually set my intentions on my morning walk with Harley while the sun is rising. I find it to be peaceful and starts my day off with pure happiness. When I come home I write my intentions out in my journal and say them out loud putting them out to the universe and setting my self up for success.

Let me know if you start implementing daily intentions in your day or if you already do! I love hearing all about your Journeys too!


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