My 5 Non-Negotiables

I have really been focusing on energy lately, what motivates me, what keeps me productive, what minimizes my anxiety, what makes me happy. It is SO easy for me to become distracted, unmotivated, overwhelmed and I would feel like I was trapped in a bubble but could still see the outside world so clearly. I hired a coach to help me stay on track and my head clear from negativity. It’s true what they say… when you feel better you have more energy, confidence and happiness. SO in one of my sessions with my amazing coach, we discussed Non-negotiables and how they set the right mood for your day and give you a positive mindset.

What is a Non-Negotiable?

” Not open to discussion or modification”

These are things that no matter what I must put the time in for these things.
These are what is going to keep me structured, grounded, productive and motivated.
These are what is going to keep me moving forward, keep me feeling aligned with myself, dreams and goals.
I have implemented these into my life for a few months now and can honestly say they make a difference in my life, they truly keep me grounded and feeling on top of the world.

These are 5 of my Non-Negotiables :

1.) Walk Harley First Thing In The Morning- I get up after a small snuggle with Harley in bed, throw on some comfy sweats, wash my face with water and head out for our monring stroll. It’s early as hell (5:30 AM) but its the only time I have to give harley a good walk to burn off energy without having her stress out. Before this was a non-negotable and I would wait, I would only stress myself out and give myself anxiety which rubbed off onto her. This has become my number one non-negotiable and there are many mornings I wake up and wish I could just sleep in or tell myself we will just go out for a shorter time but I remind myself how unfair that is to her and how good I feel when I get up and go, how the morning fresh air feels against my face, how the sounds of the birds chirping and waves crashing into the shore warm my heart. I remind myself this is not negotiable and its time to get up and go and as I do I laugh at myself with no regrets of my decision. As we are on our walk I like to really take in the moment and my surroundings and take the time to give thanks and gratidude and set daily intentions and affirmations.

2.) Work Out-  It is important to me to keep my health in line and that goes for my mental health aswell. I find when I do a workout right when I get home from walking Harley I keep that movement and motivation going. It’s my time to shine. Im feeling the most energized so I like to take advantage of that and do my workout. I feel this gives me more productivity throughout my day and keeps me mindful of what im putting in my body.  I am not a crazy workout junkie by any means, in fact for the longest time I hated it but I found a routine that worked for me. I try to do 30 minutes in the morning but if my body is telling me its tired I will listen and do a smaller workout, even if it’s just 5 minutes of yoga or stretching I still did it and that’s a lot closer to my goals than not doing it at all. My mind feels clear and ready to take on my day.

3.) Meditation-  Since I started practicing with Meditation I have really noticed how this is a major key for a healthy mindset.  I spend about 5-10 minutes every morning after my workout and right before my journalling, this opens my mind and heart up and helps me see things more clearly and feel more aligned with what I want, with my directions and next steps. This sets me in the right mood and ready to conquer my day as im feeling calm, relaxed and connected with myself It sets me up for success to keep positive and productive.

4.)Journalling- I look forward to doing this every morning, I take a moment to write in my journal again setting the mood for the day,  I write out the things I am grateful for, I set intentions and affirmations and write the things I am thankful for. There is something about putting it on paper that just makes everything stand out for me and to visually see the progress. I also believe by putting it on paper I am sending it out to the universe and by sending it out the universe I am attracting those things to come back to me. After writing I feel motivated and inspired and continue to feel aligned with my goals and dreams and sets my day with happiness.

5) Hydrate-  I use to drink water like no tomorrow. I found my skin was at its best when I was this hydrated and my overall health seemed to be better. I was eating better, sleeping better and thinking better. Lately, I have been lacking with hydration and noticed all of the above disappearing one by one. I LOVE coffee and sugar which are two extremely dehydrating factors. So now as soon as I wake up I drink a big glass of water, right before my coffee and right after with several more glasses throughout the day. I like to add my collagen and powdered greens to my morning water and it just sets me in the mood for a healthy mindset keeping me on top of overall health. This may seem small and silly but its a very important non-negotiable to me.

Do you have Non-Negotiables? I would love to hear them!
Thank you for taking the time to read!


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