Then And Now

I wanted to share a little of my story and let you get to know me a little more on a personal level. With some new faces around the blog, I thought now would be the perfect time to open up.

I started The Life Of A Simple Girl during a time in my life where I felt I was just figuring things out and feeling more aligned with myself and my life. It became a passion to share my story with others in the hope it could help or impact someone else in any way. I wanted it to be a place of realness and a place anyone could come and feel safe and inspired.

So why do I feel like my story is worth sharing?
We all have a story that is worth sharing and by sharing your story you can help someone possibly get through a situation. Everyone has something to relate to and I have had amazing feedback with previous posts of when I have opened up and by knowing I have touched someone or made them feel a light of relief, it gives me feeling of success and fulfillment

Now let’s go back 10 years ago, I was 21, by this point I had been to anger management twice, spent hours in counselling after several attempts of taking myself out of this world, two extreme cry for helps with a drug problem that could have cost me my entire life, abusive relationships, traumatic deaths to being homeless.
My boyfriend and I at the time had recently split and I was back to having full control of my life, there was no one to ground me or make me feel a responsibility to behave a certain way. I started to spend my time with the “party crew”, doing drugs heavily and endless nights of drinking. I had moved in with a friend at the time and my living situation started to sink in, the depression got heavy real quick that I naturally started spending my time away from my living situation, with real genuine friends and my family. I started hanging out with a new guy that started to spark glimpses of a light that made me start to see a different kind of life, a secure life, a real life. I am so grateful and thankful for Dustin and all his patience with me, I started to feel respect and no longer wanted to live the way I was living and that became my biggest goal.

This is where the transition to becoming the best version of myself would begin but by any means be perfect.
I never truly felt much guidance growing up and always had to learn the hard way, making many mistakes along the way that I hope to help others avoid.
I do not regret my mistakes, do I wish I listened to those who did try to help me, yes!
at the time I thought I knew it all, but really does anyone really know it all? we are all learning something new each day and should allow the help of others because it can help you get to your goals a lot faster, giving you more time in life to truly live your best life.

I felt loved, needed and happy, I began to drink less, remove the party scene out my life, there was just no reason for it anymore. I used it to fill a void, if not several and hide from my emotions I didn’t want to feel, I had to deal with my problems head-on. I was left with a lot of anxiety and at times doubted myself that I could ever live my “perfect” life, that I would ever get out of living in a small town I would never have a solid job or feeling a purpose, there was still something missing, there was more to life than what I was living and I felt lost still and very guilty for feeling like I needed more, I had love…. wasn’t that everything I wanted?
well not exactly. I was still lacking in the strongest, most important love of all, self-love. I spent so much of my time trying to do what others wanted of me, I was in a very fragile state with an open mind that I had no real understanding of as it was in a fog for so many years. I wanted certain people to be happy for who I was and I never felt I succeeded at that.  Feeling like a failure I would continue to try to be this perfect image I thought they wanted. I lived this way until I was about 28, just walking in a circle. I didn’t wake up one day and things started to change, I had to work very hard to break through that circle.

I knew I wanted a change and the first step for me was removing what no longer served me. I  let go of certain people, the party life and triggers. I would then need to focus on my mindset, which to this day is a constant work in progress, I would really need to focus on what made me smile, laugh, how certain things made me feel what made me sad, angry and really get in-depth with my emotions and feel pain, feel the happiness and spend my time focusing on the positivity, gratitude and give thanks to my life and everything I have in it. Now I have so much love and respect for myself, I will never feel ashamed for putting myself first, for getting more aligned with myself and my purpose. I do not feel ashamed for who I was because it makes me so proud and happy to see all that growth and hard work pay off.

If you asked me 10 years ago I would have never believed I had the opportunity to live my “perfect life”. I would have never believed I would overcome the addiction I had, the horrible disrespect to myself, heartaches over the ones I lost.
Not caring what others thought of me or wanted of me was the best thing I could do for myself, spending time doing things I enjoyed made me so happy and not being around those that didn’t serve me was only making it that much easier to focus on these things.

I am truly proud of the way I changed and this is only the tip of the iceberg of my progress but wanted to share a little vulnerable side of me and why I preach so much about self-love, mindset and self-development and why its extremely important to surround yourself with good, positive people. As I can hear my uncle in my head ” you are who you surround yourself with: and it’s very true energy is powerful;.

Today I am happy, do I feel content?
not exactly and I don’t think I ever will there is still so much growth for me and as long as I am alive, that growth will always have room for more.
I am so grateful and thankful for everything I learned, it may have been the hard way but it makes me appreciate today so much more on who I am and what I have. I am grateful and thankful to be living in one of the most beautiful areas of Vancouver with my little family ( dog no babies!) I am so grateful and thankful to feel a purpose and an alignment for myself and to continuously get to grow and experience my journey, I am 31 now and feel the youngest, purest and most alive than ever. I am excited to wake up each day and I do my best to embrace happiness and positivity wherever I go ❤
I’m not perfect, but I am me and that’s all I’ll ever need to be ❤

Thank you for your continuous support and taking the time to read, I hope it was able to touch you in some way.


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