Implementing Daily Gratitude

I started to practice daily gratitude about one month ago. I never thought when I started that it would be so rewarding and impact my life the way it has.
I was living in a negative bubble, I was very good at hiding this most of the time but I was a miserable person. I was miserable with the fact I didn’t have the things I wanted in life, I didn’t have a nice couch, didn’t have the perfect apartment or the all-around the life that I wanted.
I would wake up every morning unhappy with no excitement towards my day, I would count down the hours until I could crawl back into bed and snuggle in my blankets.  My anxiety and depression had full control over me and I was good at overcoming it for short periods of time but had no idea how to overcome this fully and truly move on with my life and live my best life.

I was talking with a girlfriend of mine and really opened up as if she was my therapist ( thanks Cass) this was the first step to bettering myself. This time last year I was on top of the world and knew that girl was still in me, I just needed a little help and guidance to gain that strength back and I had to let go of feeling ashamed and just accept the help.
Cass was saying that not too long ago she herself was in a position of needing that little extra boost, she had found a really great coach to help her and I was really interested in this coaching course but there was a fairly long waitlist, I joined it but felt, there has to be something else, my happiness cant rely on a waitlist. This is when Cass let me know she was going to be starting her own course shortly to help empower women feeling lost and who are struggling with the online world.

To be honest, I am still pushing through the course now as others have completed but that’s the joy of this program it is done at my pace and never going away. Nothing about the course is difficult, we are not learning a science to being happy, everything we learn is everything we already know and are fully capable of doing, sometimes we just need reminders and extra guidance and that’s what I have been taking away from this course but most importantly, one thing I was not doing that has impacted my life drastically and has made positive thoughts and vibes come more naturally is Daily Gratitude.

What I Have noticed of 1 month of implementing Daily Gratitude


  1.  I have been experiencing more positive vibes and in tune with my emotions that allow me to be more thankful for the life I have.
  2. I feel more alive, I wake up way more excited to start my day and see what will come to my way. I feel more aligned with myself and my purpose in life.
  3. I sleep way better at night, not feeling down all day and more inspired, fulfilled that by the end of the day I don’t feel burnt out and more tired naturally and I sleep with less anxiety.
  4. I express more compassion and kindness towards people and life itself, walking around with a smile on my face offering acts of kindness wherever I go.
  5. I am much more happy about the things I have in my life and fewer worries about what I don’t have. I am thankful to be alive and grateful to get the opportunity to strive and work towards showing up and becoming the best version of myself.

How to start implementing this into your routine

There is nothing difficult to start doing this, get yourself a journal or even purchase the 5 Minute Journal, and all I do every morning after walking Harley and do ing a small workout is I write in my journal 10 things I am grateful for.

example: Today I am grateful for Cassy, I am so grateful and thankful to have her in my life and be so supportive and caring of my wants and needs and her patience and dedication to helping me stand tall with confidence again.

Today I am grateful for my apartment in English Bay because its a very beautiful area to live in and not the most affordable so I am very grateful to have the opportunity.

Today I am grateful for morning snuggles with Harley Quinn because they start the morning off with laughter and smiles and sets me in the right mood for the day.

Today I am grateful for living in such a beautiful Province in a beautiful country, being able to escape the city to magical places like in these photos!

There is more to my morning routine that involves a little more than these 10 grateful things but it has been such an impact on my life and my positive attitude towards my life. How can you be so miserable when you just sat there telling yourself how grateful you are? It’s the start and foundation to a healthy mindset.

Let me know what you Grateful for today in the comments!

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