A True Review On Trying Something New- Neostrata

I recently was gifted a package from Neostrata and Influencer, It came with their new pure hyaluronic Acid Biocellulose sheet mask a travel size of their PHA facial cleanser and Bionic face cream. This came at the perfect time for me as I had just run out of my daily moisturizer and knew I wasn’t going to be able to pick a new one up for at least a week.
To truly test out the products I only used the face cleanser and cream for the week and ended off with the face mask.

The PHA Cleanser

It is a gel formulation that was very gentle on my skin, it is a soap-free, non -foaming cleanser that cleanses and prepares the skin for your regimen. It is formulated with non- irritating PHA ( Polyhydroxy Acid), It did feel a little different than the cleanser I currently use but continued to lightly exfoliate my skin without drying it out. I did really enjoy this cleanser but at the end of the day the cleanser I am currently using knocks this one of out the ballpark and I will continue to use it but down the line when I need something for travel or  to tie me over until my order from ZO arrives, this will be my choice.

-If you’re interested in the Cleanser I have linked it (here)

Bionic Face Cream

I really enjoyed this one, like I said it came at the right time when I had run out of my ZO daily moisturizer. I knew I wasn’t getting into the clinic for at least a week and really didn’t want to buy a drug store moisturizer. I started using the Cream right away and really enjoyed the hydration the cream had left. it claims to help the look of stressed skin, and I truly believe it helped. One thing I was not the biggest fan about was how heavy the cream would feel at the beginning and leaving off with a more sticky residue but over time that starts to seep into your pores and you wake up with refreshed skin!

-If you are interested in the Face Cream, I have linked it (here)

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask

It came in a double mesh liner, which I honestly hate… I am not really sure why these exist but I always have the hardest times with them. I always put my masks in the fridge before using and loved the feel of the serums on this mask touching my face all cold, it was like a hit of instant refreshment. Leave the mask on for about 15-20 mins and gently peel off while rubbing the excess serums in your face. I will 100% be purchasing this mask on the regular!

Pro Tip, get the remainder out of the bag it came in and slather that all over your face!!!!

– If you are interested in the Face Mask, I have linked it (here)


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