Harley’s 1st Birthday!

If you are following me on Instagram @chelsiebreanne, you may have noticed the celebration over the weekend for Harley-Quinns first birthday. I went all out for her by throwing her a little birthday party, hand feeding her own steak and veggies, opening presents and she even had her own cake!

I have had Harley now for 9 months as I got her on my 30th birthday back in November but August 23rd we found out was the day she was brought into this world so obviously had to celebrate. This little girl has brought me so much joy to my life, a little bit of anxiety as well but its a learning process for me on how to handle the anxiety and to be more patient in situations but am still working on this we have not completely mastered it yet.

She still really does not do well around other dogs, she either really just wants to go see them but gets way too excited that she doesn’t know how to contain herself, or she really does not like the dog and the hair on her back starts to stand up and she doesn’t know how to contain herself. She wants attention at all times…. at.. all.. times… if you walk past her on the street and look at her but don’t acknowledge her past that, she’s losing her mind and it appears as if she’s being aggressive towards the person but shes just really really angry you didn’t give her any love. Even at home, if you don’t give her the attention or love she will bark at you until you do, regardless if you just spent half n hour giving her all of your love… love giving is done when she says it is!

Back to her birthday, I may have spent more than I should for my dog but she got,


  • 2 new Toys well 4 if you include the ones I got for her last week before her birthday.
  • 1 Large Bully Stick
  • 1 Can of Wet Food
  • 1 New Brush in Glove Form
  • 1 Happy Birthday Cookie

*One toy missing from the image as miss Harley would not give up.

She had a very special homemade supper which was,


Her very own steak which was hand-fed to her with a fork
Side of vegetables – Sweet potato and Yam


This I was the most excited about, a few months back I was in a coffee shop and came across a business card that was for doggy baked goods, so being the crazy dog mom that I am, contacted the lovely lady from Dante’s Doggy Delights and arranged to have a Birthday Cake made for Harley! Was NOT disappointed. This was my favourite part of Harleys Birthday and she loves her special cake!
If you have a dog and a birthday coming up I HIGHLY recommend connecting with Dante’s Doggy Delights!  
The kind lady from Dante’s Doggy Treats even gave Harley a handwritten card and a little cookie!

Ways To Connect With Dante’s Doggy Delights :

Instagram: @adventureswithdante
Website: Dante’s Doggy Delights.com
Etsy: Dante’s Doggy Delights 

So my dog may be a little spoiled and I could probably lay off on spoiling her and turning her into the worlds brattiest dog but shes just so adorable and loveable it’s really hard not too.

XoXo CB + HQ

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