5 Ways To Stay Motivated.

After spending the last week in a funk I wanted to share easy steps that help me snap out of I and brought up my motivation to keep pushing forward. Due to old lifestyle choices, depression falls easily for me so It’s very important I stay on a routine and follow a healthy lifestyle otherwise the anxiety increases and it can make it extremely difficult to think clearly. Anxiety is when you feel you need to have everything figured out at once and depression is when the reality sets in that its not going to happen, the mixture of both are so strong that they start to control your every move so these steps are to be done one step at a time and as you start to practice each one you will see how they all start to fall in to place and work together. I can say this strongly as each time I drink into a funk I practice these steps and jump back to that happy lifestyle. Life is a learning curve, it’s ok not to have it all together at times, you’re not alone sometimes we all need an extra push, so for the next time that you do here are my 5 ways to Staying Motivated:

  1.  Turn Negatives Into Positives- This is my biggest tip I could give, this has proven over and over again to me how efficient it is and how quickly it starts working. An example is ” did that set you back” just look at it as an opportunity to do things differently, If you viewed negatively, all your energy will be wasted on negative thoughts. This was hard for me at the beginning as I was a very bitter person and to think of the silver lining in each negative was really difficult but I started with the simple things, Negative:” I just walked all over this mall for 2 hours to realize the store I want is gone” Positive: ” I just got some good exercise in and now I don’t have to focus on that today” Once you start allowing these thoughts in you will notice the consistency.
  2. Be Fearless- Don’t waste your time dwelling on decisions, once you step out of your comfort zone your eyes are open to so much more to what life has to offer, which will motivate you daily to want to get up and conquer what the day has to bring. Stop saying no and start saying yes to more! Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things you are not used to is the best way of being fearless, stop thinking about it and just do it, when we start to think about it longer the more time we have to allow the negative thoughts to overcome the positive and overthink and dwell on the decisions, just jump in and try it.
  3. No More Complaining – Complaining is a form of negativity and leads your mind to be less grateful for things. It’s ok to have a good rant from time to time but if your finding yourself annoyed of every aspect of life and you’re constantly complaining about it.. sorry to say but this is a complete waste of time. Instead, use the fuel from that complain to brainstorm new ideas for improvement. If your complaining about something that is completely out of your power to change, just move on, your only going to drain yourself. Once you stop complaining a better life just suddenly starts to appear, stresses that seemed unbearable no longer are even on your radar. Again, trust me on this, I use to complain about EVERYTHING .. and can honestly say this is true.
  4. Be Grateful- Now that we have stopped complaining, we see the grass is greener whatever side we are on. Stay grateful, you may have read from one of my previous posts that I will attach (here) how in the mornings I will start my mornings off with 3 things I am grateful about, this is such a great way to get the brain working on the positive thoughts and starts your day off on a good note. A grateful person is a happy person. Don’t compare yourself to others, Don’t compare your thoughts and ideas to others thoughts and ideas, Be grateful for you, for your thoughts, your talents, your family and friends, perseverance that inspired you to get this far. Keep a journal of what made you grateful that day and when you’re feeling a little less grateful on days you can go back and trigger those positive thoughts again.
  5. Be Kind To Yourself- Positive motivation comes from within and rewarding yourself. Take time for yourself and do something you enjoy doing. Reward yourself, even for the little things, Its all an indication of just how far you have come. Obstacles are bound to happen, don’t let them tear you down, they do not define you. See an obstacle as an opportunity to jump right in. Self Love is the biggest form of positivity and once you can start practicing these tips on a daily basis you will find that you don’t need to find a way to give yourself that self-love, it just comes naturally.


One thought on “5 Ways To Stay Motivated.

  1. You captured the theme of this awesome post with the sentence: Positive motivation comes from within and rewarding yourself.
    I completely agree with the five inspirational points you’ve listed in this beautiful classic. Its a ‘must read’ for anyone in need of a motivational lift. Great thanks for sharing.


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