5 Thing To Do In Vancouver – Summer

This outfit, in particular, had me feeling like a tourist in my own city! It leads me to think of how much my city has to offer and so much of it I take for granted. With summer here and the heatwave in full effect, I thought it would be fun to share a few things I enjoy or want to do in Vancouver this Summer!
Now, this list doesn’t even begin to tell you what Vancouver has to offer, there are so many things but in a nutshell, these are just a few that always spark my interests:)

1.) Fly Over Canada- I recently took a girlfriend here who have never done it before and she was blown away! She said she would definitely be coming back with her boyfriend to do this again and I don’t blame her, I have done this several times and will continue too. It reminds me of one of my facture rides in Disney’s California Adventure Park called Soarin Over California, or so it uses to be it’s very likely it has moved on to something else. When I heard Vancouver was getting there own I was so excited. It’s a state-of-the ark technology that gave you the feeling of flight, you hang suspended in front of a very large screen. It includes scents and wind to give you a real-life experience while you soar over Canada. It can get fairly pricey but if you plan ahead of time you can find cheaper days online if they work for you! Regardless of the price, it’s worth trying at least once!
Located at the end of the Canada Trail At Canada Place!

2.) Whale Watching – Now to some people, or probably most this does not sound exciting but it is something I have never done but really want to. I have lived in Vancouver’s English Bay for 6 years and have never seen a whale around in the harbours as they sometimes come up to. I think it would be such an experience to ride out onto the open waters on a beautiful sunny day and watching these majestic creatures in their habitats. I have such a fascination with whales and mainly orcas so it would be such an experience to witness them up close and personal.
If you are interested in whale watching yourself a few operators to look into are :

3.) Hiking- Now this will be found on any “Things to do in Vancouver” list but it’s for good reasons. There is no better way to truly appreciate and take in the beauty of the sparkling waters, fresh rainforests and stunning mountains. There are some very difficult trails with the most amazing views to reward you but also very easy trails for very beginners that offer very rewarding views too.  Exercise and nature are some of the best ways to really unwind and feel fulfilled. There are not many words that can describe how rewarding it feels and looks so I just suggest you try a few out for yourself 🙂



4.) The Beach- As fun as it is to explore the mountains the forests of Vancouver it’s also an amazing time relaxing with your toes in the sand with nothing but blue skies and water in front of you. I can honestly sit there for hours in amazement of the views, we love to head down to sunset beach which is a little off of the English bay and quieter so given the opportunity to bring the portable bbq and Bluetooth. If you cant bring your bbq though not a worry there are several spots to pick up food from the weather it is food trucks or concessions or any of the restaurants surrounding the beaches.

Vancouver has many beaches to offer a few of them are :

Also Coming up this weekend is the start of the celebration of light which is held at English Bay. So if you love Fireworks make sure to head down early to land your spot!

5.)PNE/Playland- Now again there are so so many things to do in Vancouver and to narrow them down in 5 topics was impossible so these where mainly things I wanted to do this Summer aswell. I love rides.  I’m a little child in a theme park when you put me in one. Disneyland is my heaven. There is no place I would want to be more than Disneyland.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the pleasures of travelling to Disneyland whenever I want so I take what I can get out of the amusement park we have here in Vancouver. Playland runs every weekend I believe until around school is out for kids then runs daily. A few weeks left of Summer the PNE rolls in with a few more attractions and a strip of all the food you could imagine. If you only get the chance to go once, wait for the PNE.
When I go I am strictly about the rides, trying to get in as many as possible in the time I am there so unfortunately, I don’t have the best tips in games to play or anything else at the park but a few rides I enjoy are:



I hope you have found some interest in my list today and get to enjoy some of these activities yourself!

Would love to hear from you and what you enjoy doing in Vancouver or how you enjoyed some of these activities!

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Shirt: Willow Blouse

Shorts: Riley Belted Short

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