Friday Favourites: Kevin Murphy Young Again

When it comes to hair care I take things fairly seriously.
There once was a time where I had cut my hair very very short in a cry for help stage of my life and it was so traumatizing to me to outgrow that. So when I started to grow length back I treasured it like it was the queens gold.

I took a break of bleaching for a couple years and went back to my natural colour but after a few years, I got bored of that colour and felt washed out so slowly went back to being blonde.
I do my best to go for my appointments every 3-4 months but regardless it’s not the healthiest thing for your hair.
When I started going to a Salon here in Vancouver I was introduced to Kevin Murphy and upon one of my last appointments, my hair was starting to show some damage and Kevin Murphy’s Young Again was referred to help add moisture and condition my hair.
I have been using it now for I think just over a month almost every day and It definitely has helped with the dry, damaged brittle hair heal.


What Is the Young Again?

A Treatment oil for Dry Damaged and ageing hair! It is a weightless leave-in treatment oil that does not leave a greasy residue in your hair. It is infused with Immortelle to help counteract oxidation, therefore the ageing process and delivers deep conditioning benefits that leave the hair feel soft and smooth and an overall boost of shine.

When to use?

Use this every day to fight dry, damaged, brittle hair and to provide protection against environmental stressors and heat damage.
I sometimes wait a day in between depending on the schedule of washing my hair, If it’s getting closer to when I’m going to wash my hair I hold back a bit because my hair has enough natural oils at this point.

How to use?

I use mine after freshly washing my hair and focusing on my ends, I find when I put more product closer to my roots my hair gets greasier a lot faster. I also use mine when my hair is dry again focusing on the ends and brushing through my hair, I like to twist my hair into a little bun and continue to get ready and then let my hair down and get easy cute beach waves.

Why I love it?

Other than the fact it has saved the life and condition in my hair, I love it because it’s filled with all-natural ingredients like

Safflower seel oil, Lemon oil and green tea.

If you have problems with your hair being dry, damaged, brittle I highly recommend looking into this product!!
Ask your stylist!


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