A true Review On Trying Something New- Mixed With Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites is such a great way for me to express my love for products I have invested in or tried out. I do get things sent to me from time to time to test out so I am lucky enough to not always having to spend my own money and end up not enjoying it and if I do, Its a bonus to discover a new product to join my line of favs!

Friday Favourites are products that I have noticed great results with and feel the need to share!
This Friday Favourite was a product actually sent to me to test out. It’s the new KatVonD Cake Liner and in the package, I was given the famously known Kat Von D Tatoo liner and of course, I immediately went to use that one over an over forgetting I needed to try the cake liner and give a Review ..Oops.

I Will be honest, I do not enjoy pencil liners, I just can’t work with it like I could when I was younger, It was so easy to apply then and nowadays I feel I need a lot of focus to apply such liner and time which I don’t always have. However, when the time and effort can be put in it does end up with a very nice look and glides on nicely with its creaminess. It’s not your typical Pencil Liner Kat Von D worked hard at making this an easy to use a liner, giving the look of intense pigmentations like the traditional “cake Liners” that required water and a brush and a steady hand to apply.
Overtime of wearing it I noticed it stays in place and does not smear in unwanted places unless you really try which is always rewarding after a long day of running around.


I do end up using tattoo liners or liquid liners in my routine a lot more than I probably should and have gotten so comfortable with how quickly they can be applied. I use to love spending hours and hours getting ready but as I grow with age the effort is minimal. Whatever to do to get me ready quick and out the door is my game. I love the point to the Kat Von D Tattoo liner and how easy the pen is to hold. Simply glides on applying the right amount of liquid and is easy to play with, Smudgeproof,  foolproof, when this one runs out I will definitely be purchasing one! It truly is the Holy Grail for liquid eyeliners and I am can’t believe I have been living without it all this time!


Receiving these have definitely made me realize how great KatVon D Make up is ( been living under a rock clearly) all of KatvonD’s products are cruelty-free and I know before not all of her line was vegan as some items included carmine but had said she was reformulating all her products to make them vegan:)

Thanks for checking in this weeks Friday Favourites and my honest review of trying something new!



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