Friday Favourites-SkinCare

Skipped last weeks Friday favourites but coming back at you with one of my recent new favourite skin care products!

The Zo Skin Health exfoliating polish!
Most of you have probably already heard about this product or already use it in your skincare routine as we speak! I was given this exfoliating polish as a gift for Christmas, which I may add is the perfect gift, and have been using it religiously ever since.

Why I love it: I have always had problems with my pores and areas of congestion and my skin can end up looking very tired and run down if I do not stay on top of my routine or get enough sleep. Some nights I am too tired to put the effort into my night time routine and it really starts to show, my skin looks rough and dehydrated.
By using this exfoliating polish it removes dead skin cells using magnesium beads and prevents clogged pores. Also, it leaves you with much softer, smoother skin. I will never forget the first time I used this product, I was bragging to my boyfriend how soft and smooth my face was and as bad as it is, could not stop touching my face, it felt like a baby’s bottom! It also immediately improved the appearance of breakouts as well and left me with beautiful glowing skin and looking and feeling so refreshed.

I use mine about twice a week or when I feel my skin needs a boost of life.
I definitely suggest including this product in your routine. As I have said before I have really been focusing on what works for me and as much as I have been enjoying SkinCeuticals, I have been able to cut ALOT of products from their line that were not doing their job and replaced them with new products that have been really working for me.

Thanks to the helpful staff at The Vanity Lab I have been introduced to a whole new world of skincare and products that knock others out of the ballpark,If you are interested including this in your routine you can click HERE and purchase through The Vanity Labs Website or go in and visit the lovely staff, they will gladly make every visit memorable and pleasant!

BONUS: There is a giveaway going on right now to actually win A Polish With A Brightening Facial Mask! I Will Link HERE to where you can enter and possibly try out for free! But Hurry, Winner is being announced next week! I got my entry in 🙂

* This is in no way sponsored, just my honest opinion 🙂
Thanks for checking out my Friday Favourite!

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