Friday Favourites-Hair Care

This edition of Friday Favourites I wanted to talk hair care! For as long as I Can remember my hair has been my number one feature that I cared the most about and received the most comments about. I started bleaching the life out of my hair when I was about 17 years old and at that time I was going the second the tiniest bit of root showed ( around once a month)! So least to say I had my share of damaged hair. Redken’s Anti- snap has been my favourite leave-in treatment for 10 + years and part of the reason my hair doesn’t just break off.

What exactly is Redken’s Anti-Snap?

It is a leave-in treatment for dry, damaged hair which helps with split ends and that unwanted breakage. It also provides heat protection, fortifies and smoothes the cuticle reducing the breakage and split ends!

It is very simple to use and doesn’t give you the feel of that heavy oil or stick feeling some leave-in conditioners sometimes leave. I have long hair and a lot of it and a little still goes a long way for me. It can be applied root to end and does not leave that greasy glaze in the roots. I typically focus on my ends, however on my bad hair days where the frizz really wants to do its own thing I start at my roots and work my way through.

I have been bleaching my hair for many years and I have held back on the monthly visits and do my best to stay on top of my collagen intake but still need a nourishing treatment a few time s a week to keep my hair nourished and free of breakage:) Check this Product here!


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