Coffee Break With Chelsie

I wanted to create a post to just take a moment / a break and answer or talk about anything anyone may have questions about or just want to know. Also just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who continues to read over my posts and follow me and engage with all my posts on Instagram!

For my first post for the coffee break with Chelsie, I decided I wanted to share a few of my favourite coffee places in Vancouver with many more to come!
I have always loved Coffee but it wasn’t until I started to work at an Italian Cafe and master the way to make a true Espresso that I started to truly appreciative coffee. I use to drink coffee for the plain fact of waking up and now I enjoy the taste that just pops in your mouth from on your first sip if made properly. 

With that being said I would probably have to give my first cafe to Doro Gelato e Caffe for introducing me to the world of espresso and experiencing what a true Italian coffee should taste like while learning how to prepare. Doro uses one of the best roasters I have come to find to this day, Cafe Umbria. Cafe Umbria was created by a 3rd generation Italian Family which originally was called Torrefazione which was actually sold to Starbucks. The Machines at Doro are the most magnificent instruments I have ever seen and is worth going to check out alone not to mention the gorgeous chandelier hanging at their Robson location. One extra note would be any cafe to include an biscotti,amaretto or cantucci can be trusted, this place makes their own in store 
Doro- Robson
Doro- Denman

My Second Favorite Cafes are a little more mainstream then privately own but they are one of my favourite places to get a coffee and I enjoy the roast and the time put into perfecting each cup. I can not seem to get away from this one so it’s on my list, and no it’s not Starbucks.
In the past year or so I have become a huge sucker for Blenz! I love that they don’t overroast their beans, I am not sure of their making but it’s delicious every single time. I also love that it is a Canadian originated Company. A few of my favourite locations are 

Blenz- Denman Street
Blenz- Davie &Granville 

Blenz -Davie & Bute 

Next up is Be Fresh Cafe. Be Fresh originated through who focus on building community and relationships with local farmers, fishers, bakers, etc. They do truly strive to give their customers the best quality and fresh ingredients possible. With that being said the Coffee at Be Fresh comes from a local roaster called Agro roasters and as I have never been to Agro’s actual store, I am sure it will land on this list one day. There are 4 or 5 different locations spread throughout Vancouver and each location holds its own story and is different from one another in it’s own special way. 
You can find their cafe/Markets at :

Be Fresh: Cypress
Be Fresh: YMCA 
Be Fresh: Bentall 

My Last Caffe for this list is actually a new one I just recently came across called Di Beppe Caffe in Gastown. This cafe was so adorable and had such a historic, French vibe to it. The details in the flooring where stunning and I loved the little trinkets all over the cafe. I purchased a Latte from there and as always nervous to get my first cup and critic that true authenticity of a place but this place did not disappoint. I could tell within the first sip this places put much care into their crafting and have an amazing roast hand, again I am unsure of what that roast is and what I really enjoyed was the amaretto given with the latte! On the other side of the cafe is a restaurant t I can’t wait to try.
DiBeppe -Cafe/Resteraunt

So that wraps up the list of my first few favourite coffee shops or cafes around Vancouver that I enjoy going to. I do plan to make this one a fairly popular discussion with “Coffee break with Chelsie as it is fitting and I enjoy a good cafe. It doesn’t even have to just be all about the coffee, I enjoy a good cup of tea as well, so please if you have any suggestions on places for me to try out let me know in the comments or Dm me on Instagram!
Also, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or give a suggestion on what you would want to learn more about!


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