Puppy Love

Time has flown by since November 22, the day we got Miss Harley-Quinn. She is 7 months old now and growing into such a beautiful girl, it is actually a bit heartbreaking to watch how fast she is growing but so rewarding at the same time. We have come along way from our sleepless nights and having to run out to go to the bathroom every 2 hours! She does still get a little over excited when seeing other people or dogs on our walks but has improved from the first few months we got her. She completely fulfills both of our lives and as some days are a little harder than others neither my boyfriend or i would never change the life we have started with this little one, the worst days don’t seem so bad when you come home to her rolling all over the ground at your feet in excitement that you are home.
I get caught just staring at her for moments upon moments appreciating all the cuteness and being so thankful to have her in my life.

A Few things Harley enjoys are:

  • Digging At The Beach- Harley has the biggest obsession with digging, the first time we ever took her down to the beach she imidiatley lost her mind and showed so much excitment and ran all over and started to kick the sand in air. Now anytime we go even close to the beach she knows and starts getting so excited and using all her power to guide you to the sand! We are very lucky to live minutes away from the beach and hope througout the summer we can get her off the leash and exploring and even swimming in the ocean
  • The Bathtub- this is actually the weirdest obsession to me, I don’t understand it other than its cool. If you’re having a shower she will gladly come in with you and try and catch the water, but if its bathtime… no chance and if you try to have a bath and shes in a mood she will just sit there and bark at you. She will just climb into the tub when it’s not in use and sleep or even dig at the drain.
  • Fluff- okay so maybe the bathtub isn’t the weirdest obsession … it’s fluff. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. I get that all dogs love fluff but I have never seen it to this obsession before. It simply started off with something as simple as ripping apart one of her stuffed animals and discovering the fluffy filling inside… she suddenly would have this phsyco look in her eyes and attack and chase after the fluff completley ifnoring her toys, if she sees fluff under the tables or bed she will sit there and bark at it until you retreive it for her … as soon as she sees you grabbing it shes junping around , tail wagging knocking anything over in sight. Honestly she would be so content if we took away all her toys and just left her with fluff.. If thers none around for her to play with she has discovered it can come from the couch…..yay!
  • Cuddles- When Harley isn’t running around at the beach digging her way to China or working on some plumbing at home and chasing after fluff balls, she loooooooooooooves her naps! She starts to get a little cranky prior and the little satan in her ebraces for those last few minutes but when the head starts to sink to ground she is opened for cuddles! I will usually lay diagnollay with her and she will press her head just slightly under your chin and pass out, it is honestly one of the best feelings I have ever experienced and it pays off for all the little brat attacks.

One thing that I absolutely appreciate about having Harley is there is always someone there for when I am having a panic attack. I don’t get them as often as I use to but they can still creep up and recently I had one of the worst ones ever and she was right by my side, licking my tears away and resting her head on me trying to make me feel better. The anxiety completely lifted away and all I could do was completely filled up with love and gave her the biggest hug and carried on with my day happy.
I am excited to experience the upcoming Summer days with her and see what kind of adventures we get into!

Thanks for reading and showing interests in my Puppy! I’m off to the washroom to cuddle with a sleeping puppy 😉


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