New Year, Better Me

Every year we all hit that point where we feel obligated to come up with new goals that always end up being so unrealistic that we feel disappointment in ourselves, so i find for the majority anyways,including myself. These unrealistic goals for myself would always end up being ways that would change who i am and fully create a new me. They would start off simple like work out, but then i would add a new workout i saw on youtube or instagram of someone at a much advanced level and never ended up actually working out for me or my body.

This year i decided to take a slow approach at my “goals” and not so much focus on a new me but more so a better me. Last year was a year of learning for me in who i am and what I wanted with my life. This year is all about putting that into action while i grow and continue to learn what makes ME happy and how i can achieve that.

I took the time over January to really evaluate the pro’s and con’s instead of having all the answers right away , what increases my happiness, what takes away from my happiness, what will help me grow and what is holding me back.
So after spending some much needed time to really evaluate how i will grow i have come up with my main focus points for 2019.

  • More me time: This is so cliche but actually so important. I am always talking about how important it is to recharge your batteries, but i’ll always be the last to actually do so. My body has been feeling the outcome of that and has not been happy with me whatsoever. I spend majority of my time helping others out that i never focus on myself and when the time comes it’s cut very short. So my biggest goal is to focus more time on myself, to spend at least 1 day a week focusing on myself, recharging my batteries weather it be writing more, going for a run, going out to lunch with the ladies, getting the hair done, or simply sitting in a bubble bath with a book.
  • Less Work And More Play: Since starting a new job in September I have put all of my time, energy and efforts into it, neglecting a lot of the above and it’s been mentioned more than once how I care about nothing more than my job and I’m all work and no play. As i started to think about it, i couldn’t remember the last time i put myself before my job other than when i was extremely ill and incapable of getting out of bed. Now this sort of falls hand in hand with more me time but this is to be worked on everyday. When i get home from work i need to allocate the time to spend with my puppy and boyfriend instead of keeping my face in a screen for the night. Along with, it has been 10 years since i have been on a vacation and i can feel it in my bones that i need to explore more of what this beautiful planet has to offer.
  • Less Caffeine and more Greens: I LOVE coffee, not just for the sole purpose it wakes me the F up, but its taste if made right is so delicious I could drink it all day! ( i may have been) This can increase my anxiety which triggers into depressions very easily. I have noticed my caffeine intake has increased the last few months with a severe decrease in working out and eating well and drinking the green juices I ever so loved from Glory Juice Co. I had actually been called out from a good friend of mine that they had not seen me raving and ranting about how much I love their juices, it was at that moment I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually had one! I picked up a few the other day and immediately regret neglecting them! I have been ordering out way more than average with only eating maybe one meal a day my anxiety and depression were increasing out of this world. If eating well, Glory’s Juices, and working out, I honestly can go with one to sometimes no cups of coffee a day ,my anxiety is on an average level, my all around health is on a good level and it shows with the increase of my happiness and clear mind to focus my next steps.
  • Less Overthinking : The biggest thing i need to work on to improve my happiness. I have always been an overthinker and always thought of the worst so this one will be hard for me but something i truly need to break to see the greener grass. Even with relaxing, i will overthink the process to the point i am giving myself an anxiety attack. If i focus on the top 3 points i can eliminate the overthinking to a point and from there it’s all mind over matter, i have become weak and have fully allowed my mind to take full control of my life. Once i can retain my strength i know this will be much more simple than it has been and will really direct me onto the right path of being happy.

If i focus on these 4 key points, i really feel i will be on the right road to living my best life, bettering who i am and living in pure happiness.
What where your goals for this year are they working for you !?

I am excited to check in next year for my evaluation!


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