Wish List: Dynamite Clothing Edition

This Post Is Sponsored By Dynamite Clothing.


It is no surprise that my favorite place to shop is Dynamite Clothing. If you missed my post expressing my love for this company you can find it here.

I have been browsing their website and started adding one too many things to cart, realizing a wish list was creating.
I wanted to share with you some of the pieces my heart can’t stop thinking about and I feel would make great staples into the fall transition.

Lace Crop Top – This I actually own already and has been a great summer staple I just wanted to share because it is on sale and still a great piece to transition into fall with Dynamites Ribbed Ankle Skirt and an open front cardigan.

High Rise Belted Shorts- honestly, I probably wouldn’t wear these shorts until next summer but I love how flattering they are and think the bow is really cute and can tell I would wear them A LOT. I would pair them up with the Lace Crop Top, Button Front Blouse, or even then Satin Blouse!

Paperbag Skirt W/ Front Buttons- Again these I probably wouldn’t wear too much throughout the fall-winter season but with a pair of tights and a long jacket I think I could push a good month out of this skirt until the sweet summer beach days. Not sure I would pair them up with anything else on this wishlist but think a cute simple white tank with lace detail would be cute!

Satin Blouse- I absolutely love blouses I think they are great for any occasion and a simple look for the office. I LOVE the colour of the blouse and think the v-neck is sleek and the satin itself very chic. Along with the High Rise Belted Shorts I Would pair this shirt up with a pair of black Cindy Pants or Joggers with a simple heel.

Button Front Blouse- the love for blouses, I am very into neutral colours as you can tell, I love the color and again the neckline with the front buttons is very flattering and chic. I would also wear this Blouse with a cute Jogger pant or Straight Cindy Pant.

Tie Front Blouse- I love the stripe detail on the shirt and love the simplicity of the front knot and how it ties the whole shirt together… I love the way the shirt shapes the body but leaving a lot to the imagination still. it looks very comfy to be worn out or around the office.

Sheer Dolman Sleeve Sweater- I love how cozy this sweater looks and with a simple tank underneath can keep you the right temperature during the seasonal transition in my city. I love the flowy look and the center seam down the middle. Black tends to be my go-to colour in the fall and winter, and as much as I LOVE the white pant with this top, I will wait for summer to come back around to pull that off, in the meantime, well stick to the black joggers lol.

Ribbed Open Front Cardigan- I already have about 5 very similar cardigans, but a girl can never have too many right!? they are perfect for wrapping yourself up on days you rather just be in a big blanket. Dynamites always have such beautiful detail in their cardigans so its no wonder my closet keeps growing of them.

For taking the time and reading this post I have here for you 10% off your first purchase! I know you will enjoy as much as I do 🙂
Just Click below and you will be directed to their website!


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