Getaway Necessities

With the long weekend here, many people are getting that one last vacation in before summer wraps up. Whether you are going camping or staying in a hotel I wanted to share a few of the products that got me through a few days away from home!
These were products I brought with me to Shambhala and without them, I don’t think I would have felt as fresh and energized as I did.

By day 3 I could really feel my body running down and without the majority of these, I probably would have spent a lot of time resting at the camp or getting myself very sick.

I have an iron deficiency that changes regularly if I do not stay on top of my nutrition my iron can decrease fast leaving me more vulnerable to anxiety or even catching a virus.


My hair is naturally dry, frizzy/curly and just completely out of control, I knew showers where limited and with the humid weather, I did not stand a chance for a good hair day. I picked up a few products to tie me over and at least get me through the day feeling comfortable.

Ouai Dry Shampoo – To keep your hair feeling and looking clean for the in-between washes. I love Ouai’s dry shampoo along with Living Proofs. Out of all the dry shampoos I have tried in my life ( A LOT) these have been the only two that i actually don’t feel like a massive build-up of sticky residue. My hair doesn’t immediately fade in colour either which I have found happening several times with previous brands I have tried.

Ouai Wave Spray – I had been wanting to try this product for a few months now but for some reason talked myself out of buying it every single time, I kept reading and seeing such lovely reviews and thought that the weekend getaway would have been a perfect time to try it out. As sad as this probably sounds, it was my favorite product the whole weekend. Spraying it in my wet hair after showers or lake dips or even just on dry hair, it kept my hair less frizzy and more of a natural looking beach wave. Check out the reviews for yourself here.

Travel Bottles- This helped with packing lightly! I ended up only using 2 of the small jars, 1 was for my moisturizer as I did not want to bring the whole jar with me and the other I used for some Tylenol. I used the Pump for my face cleanser, as again bringing the entire bottle was spacious and I did not want to lose it. In another bottle, I brought a tiny bit of conditioner to keep my hair soft and moisture over the few days. One of the bottles came with a spray attachment which was perfect for my toner, which actually was something I wasn’t going to bring at all and without it I don’t feel I would have felt so freshened up, just removing all that excess dirt. The last bottle I actually used to bring my Greens, just enough for the few days!

Neutrogena Make-Up Cleansing Wipes- for that quick makeup removal followed by the toner and you can feel as if you had just washed your face! Also great for when not wearing makeup and just needing that quick face to cleanse from the heat, dust, smoke, makeup wipes are always handy in any situation.

Bandanas- For any outdoor event this is a must! you really don’t know how much is getting kicked up and floating in the air until you look up at a laser beam shooting throughout the sky and see the dust floating through. These were great for helping to keep all that dust out of your lungs! Also a great quick cute hairstyle for those days your just not having it.

Concealer- I actually brought with me some blush, highlighter,mascara and eyeliner,bronzer along with the concealer , all I ended up using was the concealer blush and highlighter, concealer for the under eye of the lack of sleep that happens , quickly giving you that awake put together look  and added a quick stroke of highlighter and blush to add somewhat of colour. This concealer has been one of my favorites since I was a teen and recently I went on a hunt to find the “best” concealer on the market and ended up coming back to this one. 

Traceless Hair Elastics- Where have you been my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seen them around and a lot more in a year and thought they were kind of funny at first but then started seeing a girl use them every day …. and never once had that crease, I had to try them out for myself now I own like 20. They are also good for keeping our hair from snagging and getting caught in the elastic adding breakage and unwanted frizz. I picked mine up from Dynamite!

Collagen- For me this is strictly for inner health, keeping my skin looking fresh, my nails growing strong and my hair volumizing and growing nice and long and healthy. It’s also good for strengthening your joints and bones. I enjoy WithinUs Collagen.

Greens- this was strictly for my iron, to keep me filled with lots of nutrients and keeping me feeling healthy and hydrated

Floraxide – My boyfriend was lucky enough to be able to find some mini bottles through his work, these worked perfectly for our trip as they were compactable and disposable. I had been using this product for some time to help keep my iron at a good level and definitely notice a difference when I forget to take it.

Baby Wipes- I LOVE my showers and love to be clean as soon as I come in from anywhere, I need that shower to feel clean and comfortable. Knowing the lack of showers that were to be had over the weekend, baby wipes were a lifesaver, now its no shower but definitely does the trick to feeling a lot cleaner when out in the wilderness.

Insolated Water Bottle –Staying hydrated is very important and its so so easy to forget to do. Keeping an insulated water bottle with you keeps your water nice and cold for long periods of time so it’s always there for you to replenish your thirst, they are convenient as well to shake up your greens or collagen of Ener-C allowing the powder to dissolve.

Ener-C- again staying hydrated is so important, I love these sachets they give you a quick boost of energy with the nutrients, vitamins, and electrolytes. I drank at least 2 of these a day and it always brought me back up.

Sunscreen- After my months with Project Skin, I have come to find so much more respect for my skin, I pay good money for facials and don’t want to ruin the work we have achieved thus far by a little sun. I am so in love with Skin ceuticals SPF 50 sunscreen, I get the one with a tint, adding a natural radiance with a more even skin tone. I also brought an all over body sunscreen that went on several times a day as the sun can be misleading with its rays.

I hope you enjoy your Long weekend and have a great Labour Day and have enjoyed my getaway necessities.



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