A True Review On Trying Something New- Kush Mascara From Milk Makeup

A few weeks ago I was given the new Kush Mascara from Milk Makeup.
It is a new product that has only been out for a few months now and I was very excited to be one of the few who were given the chance to test it out.

I had seen a few reviews, photos and some videos already on how the product worked and how everyone was seeing high volume and longer lashes.
This was very appealing to me as I was starting to think I needed to look into false lashes to start getting that lifted look.
However, I had no real intention of investing the money into that process, so again.. I was rather excited to test the product for myself.

Before my review, a little bit more about the mascara.

It is completely Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Gluten-free, and Vegan.

That being said, with it being vegan and most mascaras get their high volume formulas from a binding component of beeswax, something else had to be used.

That’s where the CBD infused cannabis comes in.
It gives the formula a creamy texture, allowing it to apply smoothly onto the lashes.
The oil also adds conditioning benefits to the lashes helping them grow naturally.
The formula is made with heart-shaped fibers that lock onto the lashes in each direction adding width and length for long lasting volume and curl.
The Puff Puff brush is a tapered brush with crisscross bristles which coat and lift each lash from the root to tip.

The packaging is simple and heavy duty, it has a slight amount of weight to it so it’s not hard to find if it’s hiding in the purse.
he first time that I used the mascara my lashes were not doing too well.
They were fairly short and falling out easily so I did not pre curl my lashes.

I definitely noticed a difference but wasn’t getting those long long lashes that I had seen.

After a few times of using the Kush Mascara along with many green drinks, I started to notice my lashes were actually growing in fuller and longer.
In the past week, I have been wearing this mascara religiously, some days more than others and its safe to say I will be buying one myself when this complimentary one runs out!
I am no expert no with mascara and honestly has never been my strong point when doing my makeup.
I’m typically very lazy when it comes to doing it and very violent that majority of the time I have to fill in the black on my eyelid with eyeliner.

With that in mind  here are a few things I love and dislike of the product :

Like: The softness and shine in my lashes!
Like: The growth in my lashes -with and without the mascara on
Like: The Volume in my lashes – with and without the mascara on
Like: The Puff Puff Brush’s crisscross bristles made for easy application
Like: One application is more than enough

Dislike: Due to the creaminess it can come out very messy and if not cleaned off properly it  applies to the lashes with clumps
Dislike: Leaves a small black smudge under my eye after a few hours -but honestly I have not yet been able to fix this problem with any mascara I wear.
Dislike: If not applied carefully, can come out with a clumpy look –not the best for rushed mornings.
Dislike: Not the easiest removal if reapplied or not on for too long

Overall, I have been really enjoying this product and still have some time to play with it and truly experiment its true benefits but I do believe it works and does what it says.

It is very creamy though and can be misused very easily, I do feel the formula could be balanced a bit more to make it less creamy and easier for everyone.
I would suggest this product but highly recommend playing around with it and getting to understand how it works before relying on it for your daily look!

Thank You To Influenster And Milk Makeup For sending me this complimentary product to test! ❤
Thank You MayaMcmartin For Always Capturing My Vision ❤



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