It is no surprise that I LOVE Dynamite Clothing, I would say the majority of my wardrobe is from Dynamite and now that they are selling shoes… well, the majority definitely increased.

Ever since I was a teen and started developing a passion for style, I felt much comfort with Dynamite. For me, it was the start to creating and expressing who I was with beautiful articles of clothing, I didn’t grow up with a lot of money and unlike some people my age, I didn’t have the opportunity to wear designer clothing. Dynamite was my opportunity to feel like I had nice things, Stylish chic clothing allowing me to feel good about myself.
Back then I feel Dynamite wasn’t getting as much attention as being a Stylish name brand. The prices have always been amazing but unfortunately, a lot of the time prices scare people away, if it’s too high to most it’s just simply unaffordable, or if it’s too low we start to think the quality must not be there. But I have to say, I have always loved the quality of Dynamite, I have never had anything unravel on me or start to tear like some more expensive clothing has within days after purchases. I honestly don’t care much for the name of the clothing, more the style and quality.

As times have grown, so have prices, I have noticed a lot lately of more high-end places i

shopped at have rocketed in price and dove in quality, Dynamite has always stayed affordable with great quality.
I feel Dynamite does a great job with evolving with trends and styles and listen to their customers and provide their best with creating a look for everyone.

This is no way a sponsorship or partnership with Dynamite, just strictly my opinion after shopping with this company for over 10 years!

Other than the price and quality, I LOVE the deals they are constantly promoting!

Throughout the year I have been able to grab shirts 2 for 20$ buy one get one free on sweaters, 20% off,30%off, 50% off shirts, sweaters, jeans, coats, and accessories.

Recently, Dynamite came out with a loyalty program, which I highly recommend everyone to get. After signing up for the first time you get 10% off your first purchase once getting the app.After using your 10% off you have unlocked your first badge and you’re on the road to rewards. I have one more badge to unlock before coming a VIP status, It really wasn’t hard to achieve and each time I would achieve another badge I had another coupon waiting for me, making it very easy to achieve another, along with saving a little bit of money while doing so!


A few other perks about being apart of the loyalty program are the Birthday offer, you can get 30% off one item during the month of your Birthday, which it happens to be for me!
They also send you personalized recommendations on what they feel would suit your style through email. You also get access to new products before anyone without the app along with early access to sale events! One of my favorite features is also you are automatically entered in exclusive contests and automatically enrolled in a monthly draw to win 250$ gift card.
Oh and it’s FREE, so honestly there’s nothing to lose. Just more reasons to love DYNAMITE.z

About a year ago I was given the opportunity to join the dynamite insiders and being able to speak my opinion about fashion and feel like I have a say in how dynamite and I will carry on in the future. It actually means a lot to me that a company reaches out to their buyers and cares about us and not just our money but of the way we feel and present ourselves.

These few pieces have become some of my fall favorites. Linked all below!


So turns Out the Jeans are no longer available online, So below I have decided to link the ones i have my eyes on next 😉

DYNAMITE JEANSKate High Rise Distressed Jeans     – Kate Medium Wash Distressed Jeans

DYNAMITE TOPCross Back Sweater (Deauville Pink Mix )

DYNAMITE CARDIGANRibbed Open Maxi Cardigan ( Tan )

 DYNAMITE COAT Faux Fur Coat  With Hood

DYNAMITE NECKLACE-  Necklace With Semi-Circle & Triangle Pendant 
I am interested in hearing what you think or what your favorite pieces are as well, send me a message and let me know !!

XoXo- CB

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