A True Review On Trying Something New – MakeUp Brushes With Mikasa Beauty

It didn’t take me long to discover how important it is to have good quality brushes apart of my makeup routine.

As mentioned before, I was lucky enough to have my beautiful Aunt working with MAC Cosmetics, as a makeup artist for the prime years of “growing ” up.

I started to wear makeup at a very young, playing dress up and just playing with the little makeup my mom had.

I enjoyed experimenting with it and trying out different looks, I liked to  express myself through
the colours of eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks.
My Aunt started to notice the attempts and offered to show me how to apply my makeup a little more naturally than what I was leaning towards.

What I remember her telling me was, it all starts with the brush, if you don’t have a good brush, you will not get a professional, natural, flawless look…

And at the time I was anywhere between 11-13, I was using my fingers,q-tips and maybe 1 or 2 dollar store brushes.

The difference I started noticing when I would practice with her brushes was enough to make me realize, I had to invest in some good brushes, I need these moving forward in life.

But I am 13, how exactly is that going to happen, well it took time. But over time I started to maintain a collection myself.

Sadly, Its been MANY years now that I have owned these brushes, and after all the care I have put into them, I need to replace a few.
With ALWAYS running to MAC, I wanted to try something new, branch out a little and experience new products.

I was interested in finding a Canadian based company, or better yet, maybe something local!

In the nic of time, A Vancouver based company reached out to me offering me to try a few products.
After doing research, i read nothing but good reviews and I was interested in trying myself.
They gave me an offer for 40% off, so what do I have to lose 😉

As I opened my parcel, each brush was individually packaged, which I thought was very classy, simple, and clean.Also, each box had a quick description of each brush and their benefits.

At first, I started to worry that the brushes themselves were going to start falling apart, leaving hairs in my eyes or on my face. Or within a week completely fall apart on me. ( Life With Anxiety)

But each inspection went pretty well 😉

I am pretty violent when applying my makeup sometimes, mainly 5 days a week while getting ready for work at 5 AM!

As a couple weeks proceded I was still satisfied with each brush and the quality they had. 

The durability was amazing, i don’t know how many times I had dropped the brushes or thrown them around accidently. ( It seriously happens accidentally, I am a big clutz!)

I wouldn’t consider these brushes cheap in any way, but very affordable .

Below i have my reviews on each brush followed with a code for you to use if you feel like experimenting with some new brushes yourself -while saving a few extra dollars!



I Have been using this one to apply soft eyeshadows to my lids as eyeliners, as I have been trying to get away from always wearing black. The firmness of the brush has really helped with creating precise lines and while in a hurry.
As I have only tried it so far with powder, I feel with will be great with a liquid or cream and look forward to seeing for myself!
Another bonus I found was the eyeshadow stayed on the brush and didn’t bother to fall to my undereye causing a black eye effect.


This One has been one of my favorites for sure. I use it for blending in a little extra colour in the edges and for some sparkle in the brow bone.
What I am not too fond is the use of the white high-grade natural goat hair or synthetic hair that they use. I felt very comfortable with MAC and their natural fibers.
But I have to say these and this brush especially has made a quick application easy and clean.


This brush is actually my top favorite.
They suggest it be used to control blending and smudging of eyeshadows, which I do but I also have been using it to just quickly apply any eyeshadow when I need a bit of extra help looking awake, but while running late.
I seriously just apply the soft color all of over and go in with another soft brown in the edges, curl my lashes and go.The rounded top, soft bristles have been perfect for this 🙂


I don’t really use this one too much, yet, but so far I have been using it to apply my eyeshadow on my lids and sometimes in the creases. The hairs in this brush apply the eyeshadow on my lids so nicely and smoothly.Depending on the eyeshadow, sometimes can be left looking silky and velvety.But for me to use this brush I usually need some more time and typically wear a little more makeup on the weekends than I do throughout the week.


I have honestly only used this one to highlight the inner corner of my eyes at times. It has a small rounded, tapered tip which allows me to apply my powder precisely.


Ok, this one has actually become by far my most favorite. It is so soft and silky, it feels so good while applying a touch of highlight on my cheekbones …forehead and nose!

I also use it along the jawline and outer edges of my face when putting the time in for some contour.-Which now actually has become a lot simpler in the mornings as I was using a much thicker brush before and having to blend a lot more, taking a lot more time.
The major bonus of this brush is THAT-Synthetic nylon hair!


So I’m not really sure why I did not take a single photo of this one, it’s amazing.
I use this one to create the perfect brow, it’s so quick and easy to use, and a definite necessity.
Great with powder and pomades!
Made with Synthetic Fibre as well.

If you are interested in trying out for yourself, I definitely suggest the Tapered Contour BrushDouble Ended Brow Brush, and the Blending Brush. I could list them all but I decided to stick with 3.

Try them out with my code to receive 25% off your order!

Partnership with: Mikasa Beauty



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