Taking Back Your Monday

Monday, a day we all tend to dread.
It holds such negativity and can be so emotionally and mentally draining.
To most of us,  It’s the beginning of the week, back to reality, the countdown till the weekend all over again.

I use to have a very negative attitude towards Mondays, especially having to be u at 5am.

But I started to think to myself, I need a change, I do not enjoy waking up every Monday with so much anger and negativity.I  somehow needed to take back my Monday, after all this is my life and it is what I make of it!

I have been working on this now for awhile now and my life feels so much happier let alone Mondays.
With Monday creeping in tomorrow I wanted to share a few things with you that help me start the week right!
It’s all about how you spend your weekend and most importantly, your Sunday.
I Choose to spend my weekends exercising, organizing followed with some relaxing downtime.I don’t spend my nights drinking like I once used to, so Sundays are spent hangover free, which I have come to absolutely love because my brain starts off fresh for the week and not at all foggy from remains of the alcohol.Which is great because Sundays I like to wake up between 8 and 9 am and start my mornings off with a jog around the heart of English Bay.
I live in such a beautiful city and taking it in and getting close to its natural beauty as much as I can is very important and therapeutical to me.
Once I get home, I spend a couple hours organizing and cleaning our living space, putting everything in its home, washing walls to floors and just get everything looking spic and span and ready for another week of comfort.

After our living space has been refreshed, it’s  time to refresh and arrange myself.
I like to spend a few minutes getting my purse together for the next morning, making sure I have everything I could possibly need to be tucked away neatly so I just grab and head out the door. After that I like to spend another few minutes, carefully planning out my outfit for the following day, Now living in Vancouver, this can sound a lot harder than it actually is, but if you plan carefully and have your fall (RAIN) necessities this will be a breeze. Not to mention knowing you have that little bit extra in the morning to sleep and relax ..with a stress-free environment for while you get ready.

Now that everything is ready, the day is still young for pure relaxation.

A Sunday ritual for me is plugging in my sage diffuser and enjoying the stress relief blend while sipping on some herbal tea.
I will even go to the extent of bringing the diffuser into the bathroom for a bubble bath while some relaxing meditating music plays.I am always feeling refreshed and ready for a light healthy dinner !!

After cleaning up dinner, it’s a movie or a book on the couch followed with cuddles and an early bedtime getting all the beauty rest for the following day.

Waking up on Monday, I feel refreshed, relaxed and ready for a new week! I get up to immediately have a nice big glass of water as it fires up the metabolism and gets fuel going to the brain, which is a great benefit for me as I don’t eat for a few hours until after I am awake. 😛

Seriously, after drinking a big glass of water then jumping into a shower I am so awake,no longer feeling that 5 am sluggish drag,fully energized to get ready for my day, during this time I take a few minutes to look at myself in the mirror and remind myself 3 things I love about myself and 3 things I am thankful for, followed with a constant smile . Even if you wake up in the worst mood and you do these things and force that smile on yourself, a light in your day appears, for me at least, every time I did so. The days I neglected these procedures tend to be rather bitter days and if I would wake up in a bad mood, I would allow my emotions to get the better of me, and you just have to remind yourself… you are in control.

As I head into work I make sure I have a constant smile, planting in my head the excitement I had for what the day would bring.
At work, we like to start Mondays with some soft, zen, meditating music. Ever since doing so, My day feels less stressed, more enjoyable and everyone around you is filled with good vibes.
I look at Monday’s now as a fresh start to transitioning into the everyday modern women and learning how to better myself throughout each week.
I am excited and motivated for what’s to come next!

I have honestly found a difference in these simple things, and I have had a few weeks where this just didn’t pan out for me and I can tell you it threw me off guard and I just wasn’t myself. I was finding I was starting to go backward and not forward in life.

Organization and relaxing are key.
I am not perfect in any shape or form,
I am just a simple girl, in a simple world, wanting simple things, and

Today’s simple thing is simply less stress, and with believing in yourself and taking some time to organize, less stress can be that simple.



Leave a Comment Below And Tell Me How You Get Through Your Monday!


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