The Simple White Tee

I find something just so clean, chic and simple about a white tee.
I also find it is one of the most versatile pieces that anyone could own.
It is a piece that has been around for several years that truly fits with everyone’s style.
I Love how even on a day where I am just not feeling “it”, I can still leave my house feeling good about myself with very little effort.

I have been finding lately that I have been giving my closet an EXTREME clean.Letting go of a lot of things I have accumulated over the past 6 years and some even more.

As I am turning 30 in almost a year I have decided most of these pieces are not apart of me anymore, and I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I wore any of them. As much as I hate getting rid of my clothes, they were taking up valuable space for a new me.

Left behind was a lot of whites and neutrals, and ok darks, I love black!

After purchasing many new lovely pieces, I have noticed my love for none other the simple white tee.
Constantly adding a simple, clean look to any outfit I am wearing!

Here I put together my simple v neck tunic white tee with a dark wash, Capri cuffed jeans and white canvas shoe, for some colour I chose, a rose waffle knit cardigan followed with my soft pink purse!
As my sweetheart and I were running some errands while heading out for dinner, this was put together very quickly while feeling a bit under the weather.

One of my favorite pieces is this super-soft necessi-tee.My favorite features are the flattering tunic length, short sleeves, followed with the super soft fabric, and of course the flattering V-neck, it honestly is the perfect t-shirt for pairing with a pair of jeans, Or dressing up with a blazer and a little bling 😉


Click Below and you can get your own 😉

The Simple White Tee 


Comment below, and let me know your favorite simple white tee!

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