Weekly Lip Necessities

I have a strong love (obsession) with lipsticks, lip balms, lip gloss you name it. After cleaning out my purse at the end of this week I have discovered I have a few tried true favorites!
These few items are definitely not my only true favorites but undeniably this week’s necessities!

I believe that adding a little colour to the lips adds a fresh start to the day or life after a long day. CLEARLY, I need options so I tend to have anywhere from 2-4 lipsticks/gloss on me at all times, including at least 1 lip care product.
With the amount, I accumulated this week I had to laugh and think it’s safe to say I have a few favorites and had to share.

Over my years of playing around with different brands of makeup, I have really gained a strong love for MAC Cosmetics and NYX. When I was younger my Aunt was actually a MAC makeup artist and I was lucky enough to be introduced to such an amazing but costly product at such age! Ageing into an adult and having adult tasks to fulfill these products became harder to gain as my Aunt had different dreams to live, the access to free or discounted makeup was no longer a privilege. I had to find an alternative.
I tried to be cheap and try other products and honestly, the only “drugstore” brand I fell in love with was NYX. I felt their pigments were similar to MAC for a low price. Nowadays I have the privilege that MAC Cosmetics works out to be a costly price for me but I still do choose to purchase A LOT of NYX products along with some other brands 😉

I just discovered this new lip care product through one of my IPSY glam bags. It is an amazing lip therapy and with the season changing and fall bringing drier weather I feel pretty confident this product will leave my lips soft and smooth! It has a rose tint and is made with Kukui Oil which is known to moisturize and rejuvenate dry lips!

I usually paint my nails myself as a stress reliever as I find it relaxing, sometimes I don’t have the time to do so on a weeknight as I am up at 5 am, so I usually carry the color with me for quick touch-ups 😉
I have actually tried a lot of nail lacquers and cannot successfully make my nails look decent unless it’s without OPI products.

I Had to add the one last thing that was a week necessity that has nothing to do with lips.
None other than one of my favorite pieces of accessories at this moment in time that I have been wearing all week! I most of the time have no in-between… in anything, I’m usually drastic or simple ..but most of the time simple so this necklace has turned into a simple favorite that agrees with any outfit.

Below I have added the links for you to find your own!

Nail Laquer: O.P.I PRODUCTS-JAVA MUVE-A – sadly discontinued 


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