The Importance Of A Hairdresser

There is just something so refreshing about sitting in your hairdresser’s chair with the smell of mixed chemicals, no seriously, whether it’s a makeover or a freshen up, the whole process is so relaxing with an outcome that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

My hair has become my favorite feature about myself, it has become my precious pride and joy and it took a very long time to get to where I am today. Of course, I would not be so happy and in love with my hair if it wasn’t for the care and work Christy Foster continuously puts in.


When I first met Christy I had just gone through a dark phase of my life. I had just come out of an addiction and was on a path to recovery but before that path, I had decided to chop off all of my hair. I am not even kidding when I say it was all gone, I had cut it over a few day span during sleepless nights and ended up just sitting above my ears. It was the biggest cry for help that I didn’t even know I was crying for but it took something to drastic for me to realize, my life was just not right, I no longer knew who I was or had a love for myself .at this moment I knew I needed a change. I headed to London Drugs and picked up a blonde boxed hair dye, seriously thinking it would turn my hair into the platinum luscious locks on the box, feeling the excitement of a change, a new me, I couldn’t wait for the product to dye my naturally brown hair …. Yea needless to say when I was done washing and drying my hair, I was left with a very coppery orange colour, I was devastated. Luckily my Aunt/sister came to save the day taking me to get this problem fixed, and that was my first introduction to Christy she was just starting out at this newly opened upscale salon in Ladner that she later gained ownership of.

I like to think that this was the biggest project to this day she ever had to face  colour correcting! Anyone who knows anything about colour correcting knows, it’s not exactly the easiest job, and could actually be very nerve-racking for a hairdresser as results can take time. I remember the first time my appointment was finished, there was a new light in me, as there was still a copper effect to my hair I knew we still had a journey to go but I had already felt a spark I felt better about my self and more comfortable with myself , I felt good things and good vibes for the first time in a very long time .. Over the years I continued to go back to Christy- she made me feel like a movie star every time I left and during my time in the chair we talked about anything and anything gaining a strong bond and understanding of each other. Our bond grew so strong I gave 100% trust to her and let her work her masterpiece on the canvas that was my hair.

The day came where we both moved away from Ladner, it became a struggle to get to her and over time we discussed for the time being maybe it was best to strip the bleach and go back to my natural colour. It was depressing as it was about a 7-year process to getting my hair to the blonde that it was. As a year passed I was starting to feel bored and flushed out with the brown, I was introduced to a lovely lady who was a lot closer to me and the convenience was appealing, I wanted a slow process of going back to blonde so I decided to start with a soft caramel! I went to this lady about two times and felt I wasn’t exactly getting what I was imagining, now it’s not that she didn’t do a good job and she did what I had asked but it just wasn’t what I imagined … I started thinking to myself how much I missed and loved how Christy just knew me, she could just travel into my mind and understand me 100 % I started thinking of the feeling I felt leaving this new lady to the feeling I felt leaving Christy I definitely didn’t feel as happy as I did with Christy, she made me feel so beautiful and fabulous for months later after the appointment. I needed that feeling back.

So now is where I will say, it is so extremely important to have a good hairdresser in your life .. And when you find that one, you know and you’ll never let them go.
The new precious lady had no true understanding of what I truly wanted or who I was. Once again, my hair was left with a coppery brassy colour. Back to square one — colour correcting and what a perfect time to get back in touch with Christy We began in about September of 2016 we took a 3- 4-month break in between each process to keep my hair in the amazing shape it was at least in.

In my last appointment with Christy, I visited her in her salon in the comfort of her own home in white rock!
She has the cutest little salon set up in the downstairs of her home along with her amazing jewelry she hand makes herself!
During this appointment, we did a full head of foils, and a partial balayage, ending off with a quick tone to create my classic ashy look and a small trim reviving some layers and cleaning up the split ends!
The process took about 2 hours but we always have so much to talk about it always feels so much quicker and I always ALWAY leave feeling refreshed, fabulous, motivated and inspired. She is so wise and has an amazing aspect towards life with such a peaceful spiritual vibe. I always feel good in the soul and feel like I am ready to achieve more goals.
We seriously have such a strong connection and understanding and I think it is so important for everyone to have that and I feel everyone deserves that whether you’re a man or a female.

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