The Power Of Greens



I get asked a lot if the product I take called Greens actually works, what are the benefits why do you love them so much?

Well, let me tell you! I chose to take a week off from my greens which actually turned into two. I wanted to record the change I felt to how I begin to feel when I started taking them again.

The first few days were not much of a difference honestly, I think because of how often I was taking the greens before hand but as the week proceeded I started to feel cloudy, my brain was definitely not functioning  as well it was a week prior , I started to receive what I can only refer to an extremely icky feeling in my stomach and my energy was draining drastically ..  I do suffer from anemia as well and that was starting to get the worst of me during this time. I did my best into eating all the vegetables and proteins I could along with upping my dosage of iron supplements and as they did the trick into bringing my iron level up, they also leave me with a few unwanted side effects so  I prefer not to take them if I can get away with it.


I could feel my anxiety increasing leading into depression, I felt bloated along with major stomach un-comfort.
I have had many days lately that I have no energy or motivation to get up If it wasn’t for still having a job to get up and go to I probably would have spent several days just laying in bed.


Now I’m not saying the results would be the same for everyone, but I have noticed in the past few months from taking this product that my energy level is through the rough, my brain is clear, my body feels clean and healthy and I like to think it’s helping with my anemia problem but I am not a doctor and can not clarify that .
My stomach can be a real a-hole at times if I am not on top of my diet and leave me feeling extremely ill, I have definitely missed not being able to pour some of the powder in my water and drink all the goodness up and feel that instant relief and clean feeling.

As I start my 90-day challenge I wanted to share with you now just even the first week of the difference these greens can truly make.

As I missed the delivery person on Friday, I arose on Saturday eager to know if my package I checked my email and it states my package was at my local post office. I have never gotten dressed so fast, I honestly don’t even know if what I had on or if it was public appropriate, I was too excited for my greens.

I Rushed home and immediately tore open my package. I chose to grab the on the go packages this time because it was just so much easier for me to carry around and know I would get the product in me with no excuses!

As I took my first sip, my eyes bulged open wide and I gasped out a big MMMMMMMM I love greens ! as my boyfriend just laughs.
I usually put my greens in a water bottle or shaker bottle. At home it’s in the shaker bottle and as I am about halfway finished the bottle I can already feel a big amount of energy and motivation, also my stomach was really bothering me earlier that morning and after finishing the beverage I started to feel a relief and as if I just gave my stomach a good cleaning .

As I went into the week I would wake up and drink a glass of greens while I got ready for work, it honestly made the process and waking up that much more enjoyable.

As I started my way to work, I had felt I had much more energy at 6 am than I did the previous week and my brain felt more alert protecting me from the skunks.  I felt more organized at work and more myself again, and as the week went on these only proceeded to get better . I lost a couple of pounds that I had recently gained from getting caught up in summer.
Instead of being completely exhausted by the end of my work day, and needing an extra coffee, I noticed my coffee intake decreased( which is great considering too much caffeine can make me have unnecessary anxiety) and i had more natural energy to  start tackling the Goals and to do lists that had slightly started to build up .

So at the end of the day, Yes, It Works!




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