The Life Of A Simple Girl

As I have been talking about this now for some time, with some close family and friends, I am excited to say the launch is here.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is just a place for everyone to come together. A place where I can share with you an everyday outlook of a “ simple” life, which you will come to find is not always easy to actually live. I do my best to live happily and not lavishly, to see the good things in life and never take a day for granted. In this blog, I have chosen to share with you, my everyday life battle of anxiety and depression and the “simplicity” of that lifestyle.
I absolutely refuse to take chemical drugs, so throughout my posts, you will find what I use and have found works for me naturally. Following with health and wellness, playing a big part in the relief of stress and anxiety, such as exercise techniques I have found works for me with enjoying and strictly healthy recipes along with great health products that have helped me achieve my goals along with some other health issues I battle, like anemia. I will also share my goals, how I hope to accomplish vs. how actually accomplished.

As sad as I am to say, I am getting older, and with getting older requires makeovers and style changes(which overall make growing up exciting ). I have also chosen to share with you, my journey of discovering and owning my new style. I will share with you, my reviews on previous and current articles that I have been ever so privileged for finding to help make it that much easier for you to find items you have seen me in or just a new gem for your closet!
As I have said before I have no problem sharing my belongings so I’m so excited to have a chance to share everything in one place publicly.

Again with getting older ..requires a less dramatic makeup look. Meaning, sadly that dramatic smokey eye I rocked at 22 ( not very well ) just makes me look old and weathered now, things you get a way with then don’t last forever.Recently, I have found a much subtle, nude neutral look, and here I will share with you how I accomplish each look.
(without breaking the bank)

A few years ago my gentleman and I moved into our own apartment Downtown Vancouver, money got tight and goals were put on hold. Only now are we getting around to modernizing and molding our place into a warming, welcoming home!
So as I journey through the change of becoming a fresh new and improved modernized women, I welcome you to join me through it all!

I started out as a very simple child, playing, going to school and imagination. I loved playing dress up, tag, hide and seek and putting on plays with my next door neighbors.
As I won’t get into it much here, my home life wasn’t exactly the most stable.
I grew to surroundings that would lead me down bumpy paths in life.
In late elementary I would forge noted to excuse me from school, allowing me to roam around the streets of Ladner doing whatever I pleased.
Getting the taste and thrill to ditch school, it became a fairly repetitive thing, sometimes just for half the day, sometimes the whole day.
As high school came around I found out you didn’t need a note. you just literally could not go to a class, I had found it more fun to go out and do what the “ big kids” were doing, which at a later time we will get into.

I started doing a lot of writing though, I had a lot of feelings built up inside from my home life … I had some feelings built up on a previous boy I had just met and as a girl who was no longer a girl and transitioning into a teenager, these feelings were too much to handle and obviously the end of the world.
As I began to write, more and more and more would just spill onto the papers, I seriously had so much brewing in my head, one day I shared some of my work with an English teacher, he came to me and told me how touching the words were that graced his eyes. He felt each emotion, each word was so deep. My work was shared with what now I can’t remember but I had many offers on my writing, I turned everything down, these were my pieces, these were me, not to be shared with the world. The boys came and went , the home problems arose, traumatic situations and deaths appeared, horrible life decisions, everything became deeper and deeper on paper until the worst traumatic day of all, my grandfather having to walk into the living room of the apartment my mom and I shared at the time, sitting us down, and informing us of the traumatic passing of my dad . My world came crumbling down, my lungs became too close in, the world became dark … and I lost myself for many years.

I became an alcoholic, drug addict and suffered from severe depression.
It took finding my gentle man at 22 to slap me in the face to smarten up, I always have said it was a sign from my dad, coming down saying little girl, get your shit together.
I struggled through the years to come to find myself, to discover life, as for previous years life was just a big blur.
I was introduced to new people and a new lifestyle.

Through meeting new people I was given an opportunity from now a close friend to join her on her journey and create my own, of the health and wellness company ItWorks! This became a life changing experience for me , It led me to meet new people who are so supporting in everything I do in life, not just the company , it led me to break a bit out of my social anxiety ( a lot actually ) and it led me to discover that out of my several years of mixed work, marketing, writing and inspiring was what I loved . I was so bitter, as I suffer from depression it can get ahold of me if I’m not on top of my mental health. This company has brought me security, motivation, support, and supplements to help me. I was discovering each day as a different day, loving myself more and truly being a happier better person. Now I strive to live each day as the best version of myself I possibly could be.
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